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Skinny enterprise social suite vs. segmented bloatware


Do you prefer a skinny enterprise social suite or bloatware? This is a topic near and dear to my heart. This often gets debated as best of breed vs. enterprise social suite.  Both camps have their views and opinions on why one is better over the other and as with everything answer almost always is – it depends 🙂 In our case, we believe in focused applications that work extremely well independently and provide for multiplicative effect when integrated. While designing

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Collaborative software tools help you break down the silos


Although most businesses are organized around functional lines (and optimized so that information flows top to down along functional lines), project execution almost always requires cross-functional and department team collaboration. The diagram below illustrates major communication relationships (high-level view of how information flows..not all communication paths are shown) across organizations or groups within a software company. Some variation of this applies to all enterprises, and thus need collaborative software tools. This cooperative team communication and collaboration today primarily happens over email

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The social collaboration tools we use should lead us to use the best company team collaboration tools

best team collaboration tools for your organization

The social collaboration tools we use should lead us to use the best company team collaboration tools In our personal life, since we have joined Facebook and Twitter, sending emails to friends and family has dwindled to a point of a rarity. But we are far better connected now than we ever were before, and at times we feel like we know more than we need to about each and every one of them :). We are able to easily find & share

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How Do You Manage Your Tasks or To-do List in your Company or Project for better Collaboration

ToDo List

  Have you thought about how most of us manage our daily tasks or to-do lists? Answer the following question honestly and the results may surprise you. A task management software within your collaboration Intranet is what you need! 1. How do you manage your own to-do list? 2. How do you request/assign tasks to others? 3. How do you see what is already on your colleagues’ tasks or to-do list? 4. How do you get notified when a task that you

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Learn about micro-blogging, through our webinar. For MangoApps Collaboration & Social Intranet Software insights Schedule a Free Demo

MangoApps team collaboration and social intranet software schedule a free demo

Learn about micro-blogging, through our webinar. For MangoApps Collaboration & Social Intranet Software insights Schedule a Free Demo If you are curious what MangoApps Social Intranet & Team Collaboration Software Micro-blogging is all about and want an introduction to MangoApps, or you have already signed up for your own domain and want to learn a few best practices to see all the benefits, we have a webinar for you. Introduction to MangoApps – Why do I need to micro-blog to collaborate?

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Best Mobile Business Intranet Collaboration Suite by MangoApps on the App Store


Employees are better informed, make faster decisions and save time with an iPhone Intranet Business Collaboration Suite which is best suited for Employees and Organizations SEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) May 7th, 2010 – MangoApp, the leading provider of hosted collaboration services, today announced the availability of MangoApps – the most comprehensive iPhone Intranet Business Collaboration Suite. Complimenting the web and desktop offerings, MangoApps iPhone Intranet Business Collaboration Suite brings a complete set of Personal, Team and Company Collaboration tools for knowledge workers on the

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MangoApps Launches Enterprise Microblogging &Instant Messaging

Enterprise Microblogging

Team Collaboration & Social Intranet product Release seamlessly combines enterprise microblogging and enterprise-grade Instant Messaging with the MangoApps suite to enable open, immediate and effective collaboration. SEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) May 4th, 2010 – MangoApp, the leading provider of hosted Social Intranet & Collaboration softwares, today announced the availability of free Enterprise Microblogging and Instant Messaging modules to its MangoApps platform.  Employees can now broadly collaborate on everyday tasks through enterprise microblogging and seamlessly transition to private Instant Messaging conversations with

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5 Reasons Why SharePoint is Not A Good Intranet for Your Business


Here are some of the comments we have heard from SharePoint users, this is not intended to be a SharePoint bash session, but just sharing what we have heard from our customers. So here we go… SharePoint is really good at hiding stuff:  Very True! Think about this! Companies spend hundreds of thousands of hours creating insightful, informative documents. SharePoint ensures that no one can ever find them! Argh… Creating a consultancy business: Very True! Just look around how many companies provide SharePoint consultancy services.

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Tasks and Project Now in MangoApps Team Collaboration Software & Social Intranet

Shared Tasks

MangoApps adds Tasks and Project to its Employee Team Collaboration Software & Social Intranet Product MangoApps delivers the missing ingredients to its Team Collaboration Tool & Social Intranet Tasks and Project will make the Intranet business software truly effective for employee communication. MangoAppSuite seamlessly combines social Intranet networking with enterprise-grade Instant Messaging to enable open and immediate employee communication and collaboration. Seattle, WA March 13, 2010 — MangoApp, a provider of real-time messaging and collaboration solutions, today announced the availability

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Social Intranet & Team Collaboration Software’s solve these business problems


Here are some examples of concrete business problems Social Intranet Software & Team Collaboration software solve: Can your Social Intranet Software solve problems mid-sized, small businesses & large enterprises face? How can we solve this project problem that’s got us stumped? Email overload – too many emails need an email alternative? The inability for employees to work from anywhere at anytime, on-the-go? Difficulty getting new employee on-board and up-to-speed? Disgruntle & unsatisfied employees? How can you help me find the

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