How MangoApps Helps With Manufacturer, Supplier and Distributor Collaboration

Manufacturer, Supplier and Distributor Collaboration Network

There are a variety of ways manufacturers or suppliers partner with distributors, from joint planning and joint customer sales calls to product literature, marketing materials, merchandising, training, product promotions, sales incentives, customer events, etc. These efforts help both the vendors and distributors to increase share with existing customers and earn business from new ones.

Distributors aren’t really employees or customers but they are more like your business partners & the face of your company.

However, many manufacturer and supplier businesses are having trouble collaborating with the companies that distribute their products or services. Also, distributors often have extremely demanding requirements, much like customers do. If suppliers don’t meet their needs, the relationship will falter. A Collaboration Platform that increase engagement, reduces time-to-reply and improves communication is a must in today’s ever evolving technology landscape and competitor challenges.

Collaboration starts with the distributors and suppliers’ willingness to plan together, pursue new avenues of business and look for markets to grow. Close collaboration with a supplier’s or manufacturer’s market intelligence team can lead to valuable and productive insights into trends in the distributor’s market that joint planning can address and capitalize on.

The best distributor-supplier collaborations are characterized by frequent communications from the supplier about code changes, new products, market issues, product photos and accurate product attributes. In return, an effective distributor will keep the suppliers sales rep in the loop on product feedback, local market trends, targeted accounts and special customer needs.

win winIn a collaborative relationship, the manufacturer, supplier and distributors share strategic objectives. They adopt an inclusive approach toward each other, exchanging knowledge freely. And because they share mutual goals, they are highly motivated to help each other out.

Collaboration between parties has been identified as central to trading partners in developing competitive advantage when they work together and it has been proved extremely beneficial when done properly; the trick is to ensure that it is done correctly and that everyone knows what is happening and what is expected of them. Technology can be a key facilitator here, use the right tools for the right jobs. This is where MangoApps comes in.

MangoApps Team Collaboration Software & Social Intranet Platform eliminates the barriers to collaboration giving you the ability to collaborate with your suppliers, distributors and manufacturers or any other external parties with whom you want to securely communicate and collaborate can be invited. It helps you build a solid relationship with lots of other benefits such as:

  • Connecting minds from distributors, suppliers and manufacturers to encourage better relationships and help position brands.
  • Understanding what distributors need from suppliers, manufacturers and vice versa.
  • Clarity of expectations, precise direction, competent support.
  • Easily share best practices.
  • Share new product launches well in advance so that the distributor’s sales and marketing staff is well prepared and trained for product releases.
  • Creates a two-way competitive advantage through shared information and improved integration of business processes.
  • Increases supplier/manufacturer production optimization.
  • Reduces inventory levels in the pipeline and reduction of lead times
  • Share valuable ideas that help reach goals.
  • Develop powerful partnerships through communication and collaboration that improve performance and leads to mutual benefits.

Building and maintaining a collaboration platform may take extra effort. But the performance results can be well worth it.

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