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MangoApps Transforms Workflow Management into True Collaboration – Press Release

SEATTLE, WA  June 15th, 2010 – MangoSpring, the leading provider of hosted hyper-collaboration services, announced today that its business-focused product, MangoApps, has officially been released from Beta testing and is now ready to be used by small, medium, and enterprise customers. MangoApps presents users with the best integration of workflow management business tools and an unparalleled communication platform, offering employees easy and simplified methods for everyday work collaboration.

“We believe that true collaboration occurs only when employees’ communication is integrated with the daily workflow,” said MangoApps CEO Anup Kejriwal. “A business is made up of employees working on projects, managing documents and generating new ideas, and they don’t do it alone. By integrating our real-time communication platform with MangoApps, we unleash employees’ ability to contribute, collaborate and be more productive. “

Companies with as few as two employees and as many as hundreds of thousands are using and understanding the value of MangoApps.  Used separately or in conjunction, each MangoApp solves an important part of the business workflow:

MangoTalk – Integrated workflow management set of microblogging, instant messaging, polling, and voice calling tools. Employees can now move seamlessly from public, offline microblogging or polls to real-time private IM or voice conversations.

MangoDocs – Provides document workflow management functionality to the entire company. Employees can upload documents, leave comments for authors, request updates, or follow a document, knowing that they always have the latest version.

MangoTasks – Provides task management for every employee. Knowledge workers can keep track of their specific tasks and managers can assign work and follow employee progress, making status reports a thing of the past.

MangoProject – Provides project workflow management capabilities, allowing employees to focus teams on a specific goal, assign tasks, and upload documents. Teams can chat publicly, instant message privately, create instant polls, or place voice calls all with a single click of the mouse.

MangoIdeas – Provides a workflow management to capture ideas from across the company, allowing public discussion using microblogging while encouraging fresh and innovative ideas to new projects.

MangoEvents – Allows companies and employees to plan and organize events like team summits, company meetings, training sessions, business trips and office parties.

All MangoApps are built on the MangoSpring’s MangoApps platform. The MangoApps platform provides a core set of functionality for all of its applications including: search, employee profiles, group chat, instant messaging, polling, microblogging, and one-click voice calls to landline or mobile numbers. Additionally, the MangoApps platform provides open API’s to integrate with existing company infrastructure, providing a unified user experience between current systems and MangoApps.


MangoApps are available in two Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment options: shared and private. Shared Cloud Networks are hosted on MangoApps multi-tenant servers in a telco class data center. Private Cloud Networks are also hosted on MangoApps single-tenant servers for customers who need VPN access, higher security and a higher service level agreement (SLA). In addition, MangoApps are available as an on-premise solution for customers wishing to deploy alongside their other IT systems behind their firewall.


About MangoSpring

Founded in 2007, MangoApps revolutionizes the way employees work together. MangoApps builds business applications called MangoApps that fulfill the most important needs of the corporate workflow management including project, documents, tasks and  idea and event management. Each MangoApp is built on MangoSpring’s next generation Employee Collaboration Platform. MangoApps seamlessly combines enterprise microblogging with traditional collaboration methods, such as enterprise instant messaging, to deliver a revolutionary business collaboration experience. MangoApps have already been adopted by leading companies in a wide range of industries, including technology, media, finance, health, education, non-profit and government. For more information about MangoApps or MangoSpring please visit


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