MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Reviews through Customers

MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Review by Customers 

As part of a product development process at MangoApps, they continually ask their customers for MangoApps reviews and feedback regarding which capabilities they want most.  Many of the new features in the quarterly releases are a direct result of requests from current clients.  Client feedback is like gold, and they read and listen intently to each and every one.

MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Reviews through Customers
MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Reviews through Customers

Rather than keeping this feedback themselves ourselves, they have shared what current users are saying about MangoApps Collaboration and Social Intranet Software. They are sharing a collection of responses from a recent MangoApps customer survey.

The Winner is….

Congratulations to Mili Goswami from GoodSense Marketing in New Zealand!  MangoApps rewards this customer for their valuable feedback, and selected at random one of the recent survey responses.  Mili was the lucky winner, and selected a Nexus 10 tablet as her gift.  Congrats Mili, your new tablet is on the way!


What Clients Are Saying About MangoApps

Ever wonder how other companies use MangoApps, and what features and functionality they find most useful?  Read through the feedback here, and you might find a few new nuggets you didn’t know were possible with MangoApps.

“MangoApps is a great way to share files, thoughts, and collaborate with people outside of our organization.  It is like the merger of Facebook and LinkedIn, but without all the garbage and distractions.” -Jason Hardy, GEICO, USA

“We were initially attracted to MangoApps because of the great Instant Messaging features. Private, Persistent, Threaded, Group Conversations with working push notifications. What struck me after that, was the simplicity and usefulness of a totally modular set of additional apps. MangoApps allows us to deploy tools and/or features at a rate that suits our needs (and abilities etc), without over complicating the rollout. The learning experience becomes way more focused, controlled and adopted. On top of all that, MangoApps has by far the best customer services out of all the IM solutions we tested.”

– Alan Clark, Multimatic, Europe


“I like the clear interface, no-nonsense approach, combining social functionality (micro-blog, file-sharing, wiki, etc) in one application, good support mobile devices.”

–    Tim Kenter, BMC, Netherlands


“After trying many different social collaboration tools, MangoApps is by far my favorite.  Great attention to mobile apps.”

–   Marcel Versluis, Delta Wines, Europe


“I like how intuitive MangoApps is, all of our team very quickly picked up on how to use it, and within just a couple of days it was already a big part of ‘how we do things’.”

–   Jack Lusk, GoodSense, New Zealand


“I love the ease of use…a novice can use MangoApps.  Also, the flexibility to add users without much effort.”

–   LeSha Thorpe, NetJets, USA


“We have geographically diverse consulting business across India, France, US, UK,

–   Netherlands, Sweden, Australia etc.


MangoApps helps Capgemini’s management consultants all over the world to come together on a common platform and share ideas. We get quick responses to any problems – can integrate it with other applications too.”

–  Ankur Tulsyan, Capgemini, India


“I love the price and the feature richness.”

–  Gabriel Fontaine, Verio Inc., USA


“I like the ease of integration into our existing systems. We were able to install and get salespeople running on it without any issues. MangoApps works well and really helps collaboration!”

–   Joshua Baever, T-Mobile, USA


“MangoApps is fun and easy to use – offers a quick and efficient way to communicate internally. Because of that, it doesn’t feel intrusive on my busy schedule.”

–    Terri Ammon, DLR Group, USA


“Huddle is a great feature. To quickly invite team members to a video meeting is a great value add to a social application.”

– Tyler Borja, Franklin Templeton, USA


“Really like the ability to check-out files and how it leads to controlled collaboration when creating documents.”

– Brett Newswanger, Xeris Pharmaceuticals, USA


“I love how collaborative it is. Having the ability to setup groups and projects and then being able to add users who are not part of our company on top of that is wonderful. Plus, the support staff is great. Very quick response times for tickets.”

–       Jim House, United Way, USA


“MangoApps should make every Business Leader rethink how communication happens today and should happen tomorrow in his company.”

– Dirk van Vliet, OceanSwiss, Switzerland


“I Like the fact that it combines file sharing, intranet pages, knowledge sharing, project management, discussion groups wrapped in communication all in one app.”

– Brad Ehlert, Burnham Industries, USA


“I love the easy to use interface with familiar layout, good collaboration tools, easy and quick to post files, projects are a good way to organize.”

–   Carla Truax, University of Southern California


“I love how customizable it is. Other options we considered had a set system they weren’t willing to change. With the ability to customize MangoApps on the admin and user side, we are able to please so many more users, and it makes them feel like they can make it their own.”

– Brian Bradshaw, Solera Networks, USA


It seems to be the right step forward for us compared to wiki/ticketing environment (confluence/jira).  LDAP integration and private cloud are key.”

–  Keith Weng, LG Electronics, USA


“I really like MangoApps, our company uses it on a daily basis to share knowledge in an efficient way. Especially the search functionally is really important for us and working very good.”

–   Marcel Gjaltema, Proact, Netherlands


“MangoApps keeps us connected like never before and keeps us from losing things that got lost in email. It allows us to create our culture and vision, which was hard because of how dispersed our organization is around the country.”

–   Wesley Deese, Campus Evolution Villages, USA


“Moving here from Yammer, MangoApps is a breath of fresh air.  The apps and alerts are all very functional and easy to use.  The support is beyond phenomenal, taking time to personally reply to every e-mail, and taking customer feedback and criticism and actually using it.”

–   Collin Jackson, Kasual Computing, USA

“We investigated many platforms for collaborative document creation and project management. MangoApps has the right set of features at an affordable price. It’s feature rich and fosters both internal collaboration and external communication with customers. Mango support is quite helpful and the tool itself is responsive and easy to use.”

–   Aron Trauring, EBO Nexus, USA


“Easy and intuitive interface.  Makes collaborating with others easier and more efficient.  Best file sharing I’ve seen and the MangoApps Office Plug In is outstanding.”

–   David Gibson, Infoverity, USA


“Mangoapps is now my primary tool at work.  While I’m on the road, I prefer to use MangoApps for iPhone to receive fresh news of our company.  I found MangoApps more useful than MS outlook while doing my projects. I can invite colleagues to projects I’ve created and report results to them automatically.”

– Valentin Pashkov, Qiwi Financial, Russia


“I like the possibility to share everything, everywhere. iPhone App is fantastic and absolutely necessary. And everything about MangoApps is extremely user friendly.”

–    Federico Alossa, Tecnos, Italy


“What I like most is MangoApps looks and easy handling.”

– Jose Ignacio Hernandez, Morse Inc., Spain


“I’ve always liked how instantly Mango keeps me updated on my colleagues’ activities without clogging my email Inbox.  It replaced the need for us to have a company Intranet by allowing us to share company documents, advertise social events and run mini-surveys.”

– Richard Anderson, REaD Group, UK


“MangoApps is really easy to use and it allows teams to have quiet conversations during meetings without disturbing anyone.”   – Lydia Morrow, See Me, Scotland

“I like having all of my company sharing knowledge and data in one place. MangoApps is somewhere we can all communicate and put forward ideas from different sides of the globe. A true information and communication hub with both a social and professional feel.”

– Niall Cullen, FindMypast, Ireland


“I work with teams all over the world. MangoApps has made it so much easier to collaborate on projects, share thoughts & crowd source ideas from colleagues. “

– Cliona Weldon, brightsolid, Ireland


“I enjoy being able to share projects with teammates that are spread across the globe. Despite differing time zones and dialects, I am connected to people instantly with the bonus of viewing coworkers’ profiles to put a face to a name.”

– Katherine Peach, brightsolid, UK


“I love the style.  MangoApps is very beautiful and simple.  Each person can have their own colors and arrangement of widgets, makes you feel it is really your own work tool.  Crazy powerful.”

–   Ruben Maldonado, Safran Labinal, Mexico


“MangoApps has very attractive, clean and delicious (like mango) interface. It allows easily find any information and automatically classifies search results (feeds, wikis, posts, files etc.). I also appreciate version and access control for uploaded files. It is more than social network – it presents a whole ecosystem of corporate users.”

– Mikhail Darkhovskiy, Qiwi Financial, Russia


“Collaborating on a document is easy and the check-out, check-in process is SO much better than using a shared network drive where you don’t know if someone is editing it at home the same time as you.I like the new Messenger for chat…I keep it running all the time on my Mac in addition to keeping the web version open in a tab of my browser.  Messenger makes it easier to see/hear when new messages come in.”

– Kim Buschy, Bohemian Companies, USA

“MangoApps is the best thing that has happened to Business.  It’s always difficult to move from our traditional comfort zone to a new unknown space. However, MangoApps is able to make users comfortable and feel at their own place.”

– Naveen Kakapuri, E-Dictate, India



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