MangoApps Collaboration Software Introduces New Relic Integration

As part of our ongoing mission to empower successful teams we are pleased to announce our integration with New Relic Integration. New Relic Integration is a developer focused tool that monitors production applications and provides deep insight into their performance and reliability. New Relic saves you time by identifying and diagnosing performance issues early and putting the information you need right at your fingertips.

With our newest integration, teams can better understand if their app or server needs help by receiving real-time application performance reports and alerts from New Relic. The integration also provides ticketing and collaboration capabilities to easily track performance issues. Now your entire team can stay on top of the health of your app and resolve potential problems before users are affected.

New Relic

The integration has also been tested, validated and documented to make it easier than ever for IT organizations to monitor and act securely. To learn just how easy it is to add New Relic to your teams, check out the New Relic Integration Guide.