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MangoApps Launches Enterprise Microblogging and Instant Messaging – Press Release

SEATTLE, WA May 4th, 2010 – MangoApps, the leading provider of hosted social intranet and collaboration software announced today the availability of free instant messaging and enterprise microblogging modules to its MangoApps platform.  Employees can now broadly collaborate on everyday tasks through enterprise microblogging and seamlessly transition to private instant messaging conversations with a single click. Teammates can discuss topics in real-time and contribute to decisions without email overload. Leaders can also follow the discussion progress and provide immediate feedback to the entire team with enterprise microblogging or just to specific employees with instant messaging.

“Small businesses, mid-sized and large enterprises struggle with effective collaboration because of their geographically dispersed workforce.  However, today there is a comprehensive and simple solution that offers the employee the right tool for the right task,” said MangoApps CEO Anup Kejriwal. “By integrating enterprise microblogging with instant messaging, we are giving businesses a substantial collaboration base to improve their productivity and make better decisions.”

Enterprise microblogging is not a replacement for email or instant messaging, it is a unique messaging paradigm that must be integrated with current collaboration tools to fully realize daily business productivity gains. While companies could previously choose from multiple siloed enterprise microblogging and instant messaging solutions, none of them offer the multiplicative effect that an integrated solution provides. MangoApps seamlessly combines enterprise microblogging with enterprise-grade instant messaging to enable open, immediate and effective collaboration.

MangoSpring believes in a holistic spectrum of collaboration tools. The free enterprise microblogging and instant messaging modules are the foundation of the MangoApps collaboration platform. These modules also integrate with premium MangoApps modules including document file sharing and management, idea lifecycle, project management, HR 2.0, and more. In addition, MangoApps allows for extended teams including external partners and customers to participate and collaborate. This can be especially useful for organizations or charities who have members that not behind the same firewall but still need to collaborate.


MangoApps is available in two Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment options: shared and private. Shared Cloud networks are hosted on MangoApps servers in a telco class data center. Private Cloud networks are also hosted on MangoApps servers for customers who need VPN access, higher security and a higher service level agreement (SLA). In addition, MangoApps is available as an on-premise solution for customers wishing to deploy MangoApps alongside their other IT systems.


The SaaS version of MangoApps Social Intranet & Team Collaboration Software is offered for two products: Social Intranet & Team Collaboration, both product pricing details are here. The Demo edition allows a company to get started by creating a network with unlimited users and includes all user features. The plans include enterprise-grade support. Private cloud and on-premise pricing are available upon request.


About MangoApps

Founded in 2008, MangoApps is a team collaboration and social intranet product company that combines employee social networking, team collaboration tools and social intranet into one seamless platform. MangoApps is privately held and is based out of Bellevue, WA with offices in London and India. At MangoApps we believe that the current set of collaboration tools restricts information distribution and are the exact opposite of what is needed to effectively work together. By seamlessly integrating NEW social Intranet collaboration paradigms with existing methods, we enable a highly productive and open work environment that empowers and inspires employees engagement at all levels. Vist us at www.mangospring.com  to learn more.