How MangoApps and Email Work Together To Help You

If you’re a user who logs into MangoApps every day, then you’re probably familiar with the necessity of juggling both MangoApps and email, just to communicate with everyone. Constantly shifting back and forth between an open/project communication platform (MangoApps) and a private communication tool (email) restricts information flow, reduces productivity, and honestly just makes work harder. At MangoApps, we believe that you shouldn’t have to work harder to communicate effectively. So we decided to put our heads together over the past quarter to build a bridge that connects MangoApps and email together, making it easier for you and your team to communicate effectively and get work done!

Here’s how MangoApps and email can now work together:

  1. Loop in Non-MangoApps users
  2. Forward emails into a MangoApps Project, Group or Department
  3. Reply from your email and participate in a conversation thread happening on MangoApps
  4. Balance email effectiveness without letting proprietary company information leak over emails

Loop in Non-MangoApps Users

Want to forward important details to an employee? Need a coworker outside of MangoApps to chime in on a MangoApps conversation? No problem. You can now include anyone in a MangoApps conversation. Simply click on the “Share over Email” option on the update, enter an email address, and the person will receive an email with the complete MangoApps update and any included files. They’ll then be able to respond to your message by simply sending an email. Their new email message will then be posted on the relevant MangoApps conversation thread as a comment.  Email users can also choose to unsubscribe from the conversation if they no longer wish to participate or receive updates.

MangoApps and Email

Forward Emails into a MangoApps Project, Group or Department

We’ve updated our email forwarding feature in a major way. Every Project, Group, and Department in MangoApps now comes with a built-in email address, allowing users to send emails into that specific Project, Group, or Department. When you forward an email to a MangoApps Team the entire email thread in MangoApps is included, so MangoApps users don’t miss any part of the email conversation. In addition, any files that are attached in the email will also be uploaded and attached to the MangoApps conversation. Incorporating emails into MangoApps teams makes it simple to open up an email to a broader audience on MangoApps. MangoApps also validates that the sender is a member of the specific Project, Group, or Department, protecting everyone from unwanted or unnecessary spam.

MangoApps and Email

Reply from Email and Participate in a Conversation Happening on MangoApps

Email notifications for conversations happening on MangoApps now allow you to send a reply as an email. Your response will be posted back into the conversation thread on MangoApps and any files attached in your reply will also be automatically uploaded and attached to the MangoApps conversation.

MangoApps and Email

Balance Email effectiveness without letting company knowledge leak over Emails

As a network administrator, you now have a high level of control over the type of email notifications that are allowed. Admin can now choose between email notifications that carry the actual content or email notifications that provides users with a link to MangoApps. We recommend turning on the first option if you want to give users the convenience of replying back directly via email and turning on the second option with proprietary/knowledge content (wikis, posts, files, pages etc).

MangoApps and Email


All of our new MangoApps email abilities are available to all of our customers today, and in all of our deployment models. To learn more about our new email abilities, check out our detailed help articles here and here.