5 Mobile Collaboration Tasks To Stay Productive While Commuting

Commuting can take up hours of our day, so how do we make good use of that time? If you are the driver try not to multi-task just concentrate on the road but, if you are a passenger or are using another form of transportation, you have some pretty good options available. Your mobile device can be used for a lot more than just catching up on social media. Using your Mobile Collaboration and Tasks management software, you can stay connected when a deadline is approaching, get a head start on any assignments or catch up if something has you falling behind. Mobile task management software makes it easy to be productive even on the go and helps you get to the point so you can get things done. Here are the top 5 ways to stay productive while commuting with mobile collaboration tasks.

Review Your Tasks List

Taking a look at your to-do’s is a great way to say productive while commuting. As soon as you open your mobile task list they are automatically sorted by priority based on due date. This format allows you to start organizing and planning your day accordingly before you even get to the office. You can review your mobile tasks even when you are not connected, as well as see both your pending and completed items. Pending tasks are divided into time buckets similar to that on the MangoApps Web and desktop experience. Tasks can also be accessed any time from the home screen.

Make Short Status Updates

While reviewing your task list, you may notice an item that has been previously completed.  With one click you can quickly update the task status. This update will then notify everyone affiliated with the task of its new status in real-time.

Give Feedback

MangoTasks also helps you stay productive while commuting by allowing you to provide feedback on any activity feed, documents, tasks or projects. You can keep it simple and only “like” a post or you can write and post full comments directly from your phone. With real-time feedback posts, your colleagues can use your input to stay productive and modify tasks and projects as needed.

Stay Productive While CommutingCommunicate with Colleagues

MangoApps Mobile Tasks allows you to see your colleagues presence, send a quick Instant Message,  post a status on your tasks, upload documents and more right from your phone. With one secure mobile tasks management application, you can manage tasks, documents and more on the go. You can even set up and attend conference calls right from your phone.

Assign Tasks

Once you’ve reviewed your tasks and caught up on recent activities regarding a project, you can assess if you need to convert comments into tasks or create new tasks for you, other team members or even the project group as a whole. Assignment and acceptance of tasks are posted in real-time to the activity feed to keep everyone on the same page.

So you can stay productive while commuting to work. With MangoApps  Mobile Collaboration software you can even leave the office on time and finish up your work on the way home