MangoApps Offers Companies Collaborative Email Alternatives

We have all experienced it, an email inbox endlessly full with way too many messages. Maybe a project needs a lot of communication or maybe we were lucky to be on vacation, either way, the struggle to get a handle on email is all too familiar to the everyday office worker.  In order to find a real solution, we need to stop complaining about email and instead understand how to use it effectively and when we should turn to collaboration tools and email alternatives.

Email Alternatives

 Email was originally designed to be used as a real-time communication tool, where both the sender and the receiver needed to be online in order to communicate. Today we would call this knid of communication Instant messaging. Over time, as technology advanced, email morphed into a “store and forward” model. It was a much more convenient method and didn’t require both users to be online in order to recive a message. But as technology and business methods have continued to adapt, email has failed to follow. Modern workers are online all the time but email still follows the old store and forward model. Bad email habits are still in place from years ago and email has become overused and abused. We think it’s time to reconsider the traditional  “store and forward” method of communication and embrace modern email alternatives designed to promote effective business communications in the real-time world.

Ending Email Overload

In the business community, our Inbox always full of status updates, meeting requests, proposals, updates, problems, reports, documents, junk and just about anything else you might imagine. With all of that information floating around, it’s no wonder that the average worker can’t keep up. How in the world do you keep your inbox in order and accurately determine what is important? Even if you do finally arrange and organize your overstuffed inbox, it comes at the cost of countless hours, keeping you away from actual work. We think it’s time to get away from a broken system and simplify and clarify the purpose of email and start relying on successful email alternatives.

There is a better place for a vast majority of business communication. Status updates are much more beneficial when shared outside of an email platform. Think about a platform where people post status updates, share ideas, recognize team members, provide information about projects, and indicate when they were done with a task. If these tasks, updates and information alone were moved out of email it would reduce inbox volume by an estimated 50% or more. However, this kind of communication goes beyond just reducing email traffic. It is at the core of the fully engaged enterprise. A culture of openness and sharing, that when adopted help your organization be more effective and efficient than ever before.

It’s time to put email in its place. Evaluate the types of messages being sent through your email system today. MangoApps offers a robust communication and collaboration platform that can help you. Check out our extensive suite of real-time communication and collaboration solutions.