Why You Need to Validate, Discuss and Implement Ideas in Teams

You have a brilliant idea; you have a gut feeling that it would revolutionize your business. You think the idea would solve the company’s pain points of increasing sales, decreasing costs, improving employee productivity or even improving the process but you would always need a helping hand to validate the idea and later help with implementation. The major problem is how efficiently you can share the idea with minimum effort while worrying about its stages and implementation. MangoApps understands this issue customers face while sharing and introducing ideas in teams. 

Ideas in Teams

The need for ideas to obtain access to a limited audience that acts as the validation of the idea. A small audience would create a more meaningful discussion rather than random thoughts from a larger audience. For example, If you want to share an idea about “Best practices in Java” you probably want to share the idea with a developer group rather than the whole organization. Where the organization would consist of sales personnel, designers, marketing team, etc. who wouldn’t likely add informed feedback to the idea. While sharing an idea in a team makes for a more meaningful discussion it also interests the members of the team to think and validate the idea as it is their field of interest.

Ideas in teams allow the members to build on the existing idea shared and refine it to a reasonable state where the creator feels confident about its implementation. Also, the level of experience members would bring into the idea adds validation and lays a solid platform. The admins can easily change the idea status to various states when the idea is implemented or deferred the whole exercise of validating it isn’t lost in transition as everything is documented and would be a base for any future discussions.

You may run a campaign for a limited period where members could share ideas around a similar topic, and the context remains restricted to the topic. The best part is, a campaign could be run in any team from developers to HR teams, all could use the feature.

Lastly, the idea could be turned into a project where the full collaboration is worked into making the whole idea a success. Various stakeholders could easily take the responsibility and become owners for their functions from project management to sales and marketing. Hence sharing an idea in a team becomes a win-win situation for the company and the employees.