Software Overload Effects on Employee Performance and Productivity

Chatter, Buzz, Wave, Yammer, Cubetree, SharePoint, Jive,  Bantam, Lotus and much more. These aren’t just sounds, shapes, flowers or animals, believe it or not, these are all kinds of business software. Software products today are everywhere and are constantly trying to fulfill and differentiate themselves in the space of enterprise 2.0, social media, social CRM, social Intranet business software and enterprise collaboration. Since the first generation of social tools in 2006, businesses have seen a wide adoption of corporate social intranet networking platforms and tools. According to a report from Forrester, in 2009 nearly half of all businesses made use of some form of enterprise 2.0 software. Another report from the Society for Information Management’s Advanced Practices Council (APC) found that at least 50 percent of organizations used wikis as important work collaboration tools in 2009. 2010 has already had some big social computing announcements for enterprises from the likes of Salesforce, Microsoft and others lined up with more to come within the upcoming weeks.  But all of this invasive software comes at a cost, something we like to call software overload.

Our Founder/CEO Anup Kejriwal came up with the term software overload to describe the intense and sometimes overwhelming feeling that comes from a world surrounded by software. “I had heard of Information Overdose or Information Flood,” said Anup, “but Software Overload was new to me and felt like some new troublesome kid round the block.”


software overload

Reduce Software Overload and Increase Productivity

To fully explain what we mean by software overload, let’s take a look at our predictions for the Enterprise 2.0 product market this year. In 2010, the Enterprise 2.0 market will be split into three distinct categories, each designed to try and create value for their customers.

General Social Communication, Collaboration and Monitoring Suites

This category includes companies that replace company intranets and portals. Vendors in this area will differentiate themselves through their similar capabilities, value to customers,  product price and customer support. They will also most likely include custom social modules to offer tangible value to their customers.

Specialized Social Applications

These products include those that are focused on delivering very tangible value around a specific thing. For example. idea management, time/productivity management etc. Since these tools solve specific problems for organizations, vendors will be expected to provide definable and measurable ROI as part of their offering.

Enterprise Document and Content Management

These applications are similar to those found in the General Social Communication category, but distinguish themselves by adding a rich social layer to an organization.

Each of these three categories has strong potential, and there is no doubt that they have evolved and will continue to adapt and evolve over time. However, each of these available tools is designed to address a specific problem, causing businesses outside of a specific niche to need many of them in order to function. That’s where software overload comes in. Software overload is exhausting, frustrating and almost guaranteed when employees become overburdened with superfluous features and tools across multiple platforms. Instead of new software saving time, it eats up even more time and leads to employees needing to use multiple tools just to accomplish their everyday tasks. More often than not employees spend most of their time looking for information and feeling under-appreciated, resulting in half-informed employees performing at half of their potential.

MangoApps Social Intranet and Team Collaboration Softwares have been designed from the ground up as a comprehensive tool to solve all of the issues tackled by the three major categories combined. It provides a one-stop social computing and unified communication platform, specialized social applications, and delivering tangible value and deep integration with enterprise document/content management software. This gives our customers a wide, deep and a complete practical solution for their money and most importantly, removes the threat of software overload. Experience MangoApps first hand by scheduling a demo.