Does your company need a new intranet

Does Your Company Need A New Intranet?

Does your company need a new intranet?

The following page is meant to place your intranet under a microscope as we uncover any potential limitations it might have.

It can be tricky to identify when it’s time to move on from your current intranet. Whether you are not wanting to make the commitment to switch, or you are not fully cognizant of the limitations of your current intranet’s features.

Most people often fall into one of these three buckets:

Bucket 1:

You’ve learned to cope with your clunky, outdated, and difficult-to-navigate intranet that hinders the productivity of your employees.

Bucket 2:

You are unaware of the limitations of your existing intranet platform.

Bucket 3:

Your modern intranet platform enables strong collaboration and allows your employees to be as productive as possible.

As we see a shift in digital transformation towards modern intranet platforms, we recognize that an alarming amount of people fall into ‘Buckets 1 & 2’. We created a flow chart to help you gauge whether your current intranet platform is sufficient, or whether it’s time to start exploring new options.

View the full graphic below, to get a better understanding of your current intranet’s limitations.

After viewing this graphic, if you feel that your company does need a new intranet, please reach out to our sales team for your own custom demo!

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