MangoApps Announces Launch of Community Software Platform For Mid-Market Organizations

SEATTLE, WA Dec 13th, 2018 – MangoApps, the leading provider of cloud-based employee software solutions, announced the launch of Mango Community earlier this week. Every day, non-profit organizations and communities across all industries fail to succeed because they lack a vibrant space for members to engage, communicate, and collaborate. With Mango Community, these groups now have access to a suite of tools specifically designed to help them build their own private online community, connecting employees, members, and volunteers with ease and at a manageable cost.

“We found ourselves speaking more and more to modern non-profit organizations that were interested in our enterprise solutions after struggling to find software designed specifically for their needs,” said Anup Kejriwal, MangoApps CEO. “So the idea behind Mango Community evolved pretty naturally. We set out to create a tailored product for community groups and non-profits. A collaborative space that makes it easy for them to communicate ideas and feedback, vote on leadership or important issues, and keep members engaged and connected no matter their location, schedule, or device, all while staying affordable for any budget.”

Modern organizations operate differently than traditional businesses, so their community tools should be different as well. With the new Mango Community platform, organizations can now easily deploy the modern and innovative tools they need, allowing them to focus on making an impact and achieving their goals. From delivering meeting notes and meaningful communications to maintaining shared calendars or to-dos, Mango Community provides organizations with the means to share the knowledge and resources necessary to drive the best results. Users navigate Mango Community from mobile, desktop, or the web, just as they would their favorite social or productivity app, making it easy to connect users regardless of their needs.

The Mango Community platform includes a full suite of community tools and services to help any organization build a private, online community. These tools make communication easy with collaborative spaces, instant messaging, group chat, and private messages. Mango Community also includes an organizational directory with rich member profiles, calendaring, ballots and voting, file-sharing, and more.

Pricing & Availability

Mango Community is sold as a subscription service and starts at $5/user/month. In addition to shared cloud-based deployments, Mango Community is also available for private cloud or on-premise deployments for customers with higher security and other special requirements. For more information, please visit