Salesforce and Chatter Waste Money With Super Bowl Ads

I’m sure you have heard by now, is opening their Chatter service for businesses and are spending literally millions to run ads during the Superbowl weekend. At MangoApps we honestly think that’s a little silly to see Chatter waste money like that. In 2010 the average cost of a 30 second Superbowl commercial cost $3.01 million. And that’s just the price for the actual airtime, it doesn’t take into account the extra expenses for actors, equipment, advertising agencies and everything else it takes to create a commercial.  So, what’s the catch?

The catch is that Salesforce’s software is overpriced and unaffordable for the small to medium business market or really any market for that matter. While it is true that you can use their microblogging software chatter for free, this free service does not integrate into your existing applications. In order to fully integrate everything into your Salescloud2 you end up paying well over $125 per user. If you have a company of 500 that price is never going to be affordable mean that  you end up with collaboration software for only the executive team. How collaborative is that? Without company-wide collaboration, you lose out on most of the inherent benefits of the web collaboration tool solution: transparency, accountability, and easy communication. By buying into the flashy and expensive advertising  Chatter waste money that could have been your savings.

Chatter Waste Money

We believe that collaboration software is useful for people at all levels of the company, not just the high rollers. At MangoApps we deliver a full collaboration suite that covers all of your critical business processes at a much lower cost. You can pick from Team Collaboration or Social Intranet or have the All-In-One suit. How can we afford to do this? It’s simple, we don’t spend $3-4M on silly ads during the Super Bowl. Because if we spend our money on what counts (product development and customer service), the outcomes that matter are achieved. We can proudly offer better and more affordable small business collaboration software for your entire company to use. And we think those results speak for themselves.