Best Features Your Intranet Should Offer

Best Features Your Intranet Should Offer

A company intranet typically goes one of two ways. The intranet is clunky, outdated, difficult to use, and ultimately forgotten. Or, your company has intranet features that innovates work, increases community and collaboration, and empowers every kind of employee. But how do you know which kind of intranet yours is going to be?

The differences come down to a few essential features. With the right tools easily accessible, your intranet has everything it needs to become an incredible benefit to your organization.

Here are a few of the best features your intranet should offer: 

Document and Content Management

One of the most important intranet features is its ability to successfully store and share documents. In a good company intranet, content is easy to upload, find, and organize. Comprehensive search features, detailed tagging options, and straight-forward file management are just a few of the features that should be accessible within your platform. Above all, ask yourself if resources will be easy to find at a moment’s notice. With organized and searchable content management, workers can quickly find what they need and stay on task at all times.

Newsletters and Posts

Newsletters and posts give employees a platform to share news company-wide, or at a more local team level. Posts make excellent status reports and have a set-aside comment area for teammates to add insights or ask questions. Newsletters are typically for a wider-reaching audience and come with a large selection of templates and features. Whether you need to add text, audio, or video, your posts and newsletters should be able to easily accommodate.

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News feeds are a centralized source of communication where users can see posts as they appear. Much like a social media feed, intranet news feeds naturally incorporate enterprise social networking into the workplace, improving communication, and adding a fun and interesting element to the work environment. Users will see group updates as they appear and have the chance to add comments, include reactions, and even upload files or documents. News feed posts allow you to see quick updates and ensure everyone stays included in the conversation. 

Group Communication

Group communication tools, like instant messaging and video conferencing, are fantastic resources for remote or on the go communication. Whether you’re working from across a building or coordinating around the globe, intranet tools keep communication simple and straightforward. With the right resources, companies can reduce, or even completely remove workplace emails.


Intranet calendars not only help users track meetings, events, and appointments, but they also keep content orderly and organized. Intranet calendars can even be designated by group, team, department, company, or universal calendar, letting you see and coordinate exactly what you need.

Rewards and Recognition

Rewards and recognition are key to successful employee engagement and helping workers know their efforts are acknowledge and appreciated. With an easy and inclusive recognition feature teammates and leaders can quickly send off their support, ensuring good work is never overlooked or forgotten. When workers see their good work acknowledged it uplifts and inspires them, and showing support for each other naturally increases engagement and workplace friendships.

Training and Certifications

Whether you’re working on onboarding, teaching a class, or updating old certifications, training tools incorporated into your intranet make work so much easier. With centralized teaching and training tools, companies no longer need to rely on third-party programs or pay subscription fees for alternative programs. A good teaching and training tool should let administrators develop their own courses as well as integrate existing courses from outside sources.

MangoApps Intranet

Company intranets have the outstanding potential to benefit businesses and improve the overall engagement, productivity, and workplace environment. MangoApps offers a flexible and modern intranet solution that allows your organization to increase efficiency and productivity. To learn more about the best intranet features, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today!

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