Email Integration Feature

MangoApps New Email Integration Feature Is Now Available

We are ecstatic to announce that with our latest email integration feature release you can now post feeds and comments to your MangoApps Collaboration Software or Social Intranet directly from your email.  This feature is available immediately and is easy to start using. Just configure your email settings using the new UI and you’ll be able to forward emails from customers directly into the MangoApps news feed or to a group. If you’ve ever needed a reason to move even more communication and collaboration out of your email inbox and into MangoApps than this release was made for you.

What is Email Integration?

The new Email Integration Feature is designed to get regular email communication out of your inbox and in front of the News Feed, Project Feed, or Group Feed where you have your MangoApps followers. It saves time by removing the need to transposing emails into a document by allowing you to FW or CC an email into MangoApps feeds directly.

What Are the Benefits of Email Integration?

Email integration allows clients and colleagues to continue using currently existing emails and helps them to gradually transition into MangoApps. Colleagues can also CC an email address or you can forward an email to automatically send their communication to both email and MangoApps at once. MangoApps Email Integration Feature automatically picks up emails on an interval or whenever the admin asks and the emails are delivered to the appropriate feed.

How Does it Work?

All you need to get started is an easy one-time configuration. MangoApps’ Email Integration Feature syncs your configured email address for incoming emails and then captures the content of your email that goes to your news, project or group feed according to what you have specified. For MangoApps Email Integration Feature to receive emails from your email account you must give MangoApps permission (account authentication) to go into the inbox and look for new messages. You can set the sync time for the email add-on to receive emails from your account in seconds or manual tasks can be completed by a MangoApps administrator.

How to Get Started Now

  1. Configure MangoApps to turn on the Email Integration Feature
  2. Specify the email account for MangoApps Email Integration Feature to sync and the period when it should check for new emails.
  3. If a MangoApps Group or Project Feed is to receive emails from a particular account, configure the group’s email address
  4. Send a test email to either the email you configured as the primary feed or the email that you configured for a group or project feed
  5. Have an administrator apply a “Fetch Emails” action
  6. Find the main feed, group, or project feed for the email you sent inside MangoApps

For more information and configuration instructions for Email Integration Feature in MangoApps, please read Configuring Email-to-Feed in MangoApps: Collaborate in Teams with Distribution Groups.