5 Must Have Productivity Tools For Any Business

The highly competitive market, today demands that businesses put in twice as much effort as they did a decade ago. As the world continues to go digital, the traditional tools of business are slowly but surely becoming impractical and outdated. Choosing online productivity tools for your workflow is a great way to address the issue in a digital age.

We have outlined 5 of the must-have low-cost solutions available in the market today. Take a look at each program and explore how you can use them to drive efficiency and promote a collaborative team environment.

1. MangoApps

MangoApps is an all-inclusive platform for all office related communication and collaboration. It is a combination of intranet, social networking, project management, and team collaboration, and is designed for small, medium and large enterprises. MangoApps offers fantastic productivity tools and comes pre-integrated with 200+ features, some of which include microblogging, document management, instant messenger, and task management among others. It also gives users the option of disabling/enabling features as needed.

2. Join.Me

Join.Me allows free instant screen sharing for up to 250 viewers, and could be used to review documents with colleagues, train staff, or demonstrate your products and services. When you want to share your screen, Join.Me generates a code that viewers can input into their web-browser without having to register for an account. You can also give your viewers remote control of your screen.

3. Zendesk

Zendesk is a hosted customer service app that allows users to track client requests and fix problems faster. Zendesk could help streamline the process of providing customer support.  Customers can log a “support ticket” through a variety of avenues such as email, Twitter, Facebook, or directly through your site or app. Zendesk is also integrated into MangoApps, making both of these productivity tools even better. Users can automatically fetch tickets and post them into projects or respond to customers and update their ticket right from your project feed.

4. QuickBooks By Intuit

QuickBooks helps employees organize, track, and manage their hard-earned dollars. QuickBooks is intended to store at least 2 years of detailed transactions, allowing you to compare your current business performance with previous years.  QuickBooks automates basic bookkeeping and accounting tasks, doing the hard work for you. It is accessible from anywhere with your PC or mobile device and has a huge impact on productivity.

5. MailChimp

Email marketing is a tactic that just about every business should be using.  MailChimp is a great tool to help you stay in touch with your client base. MailChimp is free and users can send up to 12,000 emails a month. It even has free email templates for users unfamiliar with HTML. They also have a mobile app that allows you access to chatter, a news feed page that tells you detailed analytics about your emails like who has opened the message, bounced messages, click rates and more.

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