3 Transformative Benefits From Increased Team Collaboration

Traditional project management software has only focused on the needs of the project manager. The tasks and tools are all designed to help keep timelines, resources and risks in order.  However, at MangApps, we believe that there is a better solution. Increased project collaboration can be developed if companies adopt new collaboration tools such as team collaboration software or a social intranet and take a more open and communications driven approach to project and task management. The command and control culture that surrounds micro-managing task schedules and closely guarding resources does little if anything to help a work environment.  Here are just three benefits that come from taking a more open approach to project management and working to increased team collaboration.

Complete Visibility

One of the biggest challenges project management software faces is that communication typically happens in a closed system, with little to no interaction with the people that matter the most.  By taking a more collaborative approach to project and task management, you can actually increase visibility across the entire project and keep everyone on the team informed about what is happening, challenges being faced and successes being realized. Work does not occur in a vacuum and neither should your project management software and activity.

Team Member Accountability

With greater visibility and increased team collaboration, team members are now fully informed of what their responsibilities are and how their work impacts others on their team.  They have a new found responsibility to ensure that what they deliver is just as important as meeting a deadline. Increased accountability has a contagious effect among team members as well and is easily spread to other project teams, within functional teams and can even ripple throughout the entire organization. With a greater sense of awareness and responsibility, team members start to truly care about the work they do and how it impacts and influences others.

Culture Change

With greater accountability and responsibility within a team, a cultural shift will naturally take place. The office and its teams will transition from the traditional command and control mentality to an open and inclusive culture built around collaboration, sharing and helping each other accomplish team goals. A collaborative approach to project and task management can help drive this culture change like very few other applications within a business.

There is little doubt that the workforce and how tasks are accomplished is changing. Task and project management software solutions need to evolve invite increased team collaboration in order to support businesses in the modern working world.