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Deploy a Proven Remote Work Solution at Scale

MangoApps remote work services include consolidated tools for company communication, team collaboration and employee intranet that can be deployed quickly on a global scale.

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Scalable remote work solutions for employees

Whether it is to support work from home, distributed workforce collaboration, or to ensure business continuity in the face of disasters, companies want remote work solutions that they can depend on. MangoApps provides a set of cloud solutions to quickly enable remote work for employees, contractors, partners, and volunteers.

Get up and running securely in a matter of hours and days. Download our whitepaper on remote work solutions or Contact us, we are happy to help.

All the capabilities you need for remote work

Did we mention there is a lot more? Browse through the complete list of features online or contact us to schedule a demo.

Designed from the ground up for a mobile and distributed workforce

"For the last 12+ years, we have had a remote workforce, and MangoApps is explicitly built to enable work from anywhere. The work we do is critical to companies around the world, and we’re committed to being there when our customers and colleagues need us most."

Anup Kejriwal
Founder and CEO, MangoApps

"Technology can be the key differentiator for your business in empowering remote employees. Collaboration centered technology allows companies to keep everyone involved at the same pace despite differences in time zones, regions and availability."

Vishwa Malhotra
Co-founder and CTO, MangoApps

"Remote work is beneficial for both employers and employees if you know how to implement and manage it right. At MangoApps, we provide companies with the tools and resources they need to make remote work successful for everyone."

Patrick Allman
SVP, Sales

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eBook: Remote Work Management with MangoApps

MangoApps provides a set of cloud solutions to quickly enable remote work for employees, contractors, partners, and volunteers.
eBook: Remote Work Management with MangoApps
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Complement Other Remote Work Solutions

Bring tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack into one integrated workplace hub using our built-in integrations. Video conferencing and chat tools are a part of the solution, not the full solution. Employees still need access to other enterprise tools to work, coordinate and collaborate effectively.

Provide a unified employee experience with MangoApps

Bring intranet, teamwork, training and content management into an integrated employee experience. It has never been this easy to create the perfect employee experience. Contact us so we can go over your requirements, demonstrate MangoApps, discuss pricing, rollout & support.
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