Share Employee Files and Documents

With MangoApps, file creating, editing, and sharing are built right into the platform, keeping content centralized and removing the need for extra third-party tools or unsecured sharing methods.

Joint authoring of documents

MangoApps makes the joint document process easy by connecting contributors together directly in the platform, completely removing third-party programs and keeping content safe and secure.


While company calendars help keep everything organized, they only work in a centralized space. MangoApps’ universal calendars automatically sync shared events, making it a true master calendar for every need.

Online Company Employee Directory

MangoApps’ integrated employee directories are detailed, digital, searchable, and completely interactive, helping workers access information and find coworkers from almost anywhere.

Event planning & management

Planning events is centralized and simple with MangoApps. Project spaces are visually engaging and intuitive, making it simple to post updates, assign tasks, and share documents, images, and more.


MangoApps makes utilizing FAQ’s super simple by keeping content searchable and up to date. And leaders can create any number of FAQs, addressing the unique questions and concerns of everyone in the organization.


In MangoApps, task management tools are naturally built right into project areas, so you can see, create, and assign tasks all within your regular workspace, helping everyone stay organized and effective.

Paper Forms

MangoApps houses digitalized forms right in the platform, removing the need for extra third parties and keeping content safe, sharable, and searchable at all times.

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