Company News and Announcements

With a company-wide posts feature built right into MangoApps, putting together interesting, engaging, and informative company announcements have never been easier.

Emergency Announcements

With MangoApps’ detailed company communication, leaders can instantly reach out in an emergency to affected employees, keeping everyone informed, quickly mitigating issues, and ensuring overall success.

Status Report

Group and project areas in MangoApps give employees a set-aside space to quickly share regular status reports. Status reports are engaging, interesting, and can include as much information as you need.

Team Collaboration and Work Area

While collaboration spaces should simplify the team experience, they only work when contributing is straightforward and easy. In MangoApps, leaders have a digital, secure, and set aside space for collaboration of any kind.

Virtual Town Hall Meetings

Virtual town hall meetings often struggle to successfully keep everyone connected. MangoApps makes effective town hall meetings a breeze with fast, secure, and centralized digital opportunities.

Host Remote

While remote meetings have amazing potential, it also often means working with another third-party. In MangoApps, video conferencing is built right into the platform, keeping communication centralized and straightforward.

Find Employee

MangoApps Employee Directories connect employees anywhere in the organization with comprehensive org charts, detailed employee profile pages, and in-depth search capabilities.

IT Help

MangoApps lets the IT team focus their efforts in one area, instead of being overwhelmed by tool sprawl technologies. And because communication exists in the exact same space, conversations stay quick and easy.


MangoApps trackers and centralized surveys securely store all kinds of important information, helping both leaders and employees see and structure their available time off.

Easy To Access HR Content

MangoApps dashboards consolidate all of the tools employees need in one instantly accessible area. So naturally, they’re the perfect place to store frequently used HR forms, resources, and information.

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