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Simple, Smart & Enterprise-Ready Features

File Sharing

Allow users to easily share files and documents as they communicate and collaborate.

File & Folder Management

Securely share files and keep them organized in folders and sub-folders.

File Synchronization

Backup and sync your files with ease, and always have access to the most up-to-date version.


Wikis are a great way to collaboratively capture knowledge and keep it up-to-date.

Team Pages

Create a micro-site for your team to organize important information in a website like structure.

Posts & Newsletters

Ready-made templates and a word-like editor makes it easy to create visually appealing posts.

Custom Trackers

Trackers help you create a custom database for anything you want to track.

Global Search

Quickly search for people, files, content or anything else you have access to.

Partner Collaboration

Create a workspace and invite customer, partners, and vendors to easily collaborate and share.

News Feed

News feeds provide employees with a single location to read, reply, like and share.


Connect the right people, resources and information in an easy to use space.

Photo & Video Library

Store your company photos, videos, and audio all in one place.

Additional Must Have Features

Large File Support

Exchange large files quickly with anyone—even if they’re outside of your company. MangoApps supports up to 2GB per file.

Folder Management

Easily create sub-folders, move, rename, add descriptions, tags and custom fields so your files are organized and easy to find.

Version Tracking

MangoApps manages the versions of files for you with ability to download or restore an older version when required.

Check-in & Checkout

Check-in and check out options streamline file collaboration. This feature ensures no one makes edits to a file while you’re working on it.

Approval Workflow

Easily share your work and ask colleagues to proofread or edit a file you’re working on with our Document Review feature.

Online Viewer

You don’t have to download to view. MangoApps file viewer powers viewing of file content on any browser and mobile device.

Deep Document Search

MangoApps supports searching of content inside of documents, pdfs, html/xml files, rtf, text files, zip files and more.

Virus Scanning

As you upload files, MangoApps automtically checks these files for over 1M+ viruses, malwares, trojans & other malicious threats.

Change Notifications

The hardest part of working on documents with other people is knowing when it's been updated. Change notifications solve that.

Built-In Integrations & Platform Services

Single Sign-On

MangoApps supports almost all single sign-on options making signing in simple and secure.

Easy Administration

Set companywide defaults, manage users and customize functionality using easy to use admin portal.

Advanced Security

A wide-range of application-level security ensures that accounts are always safe.

Retention and Compliance

Setup how long data will be retained to easily meet compliance and policy requirements.

Built-In App Integrations

Easily integrate MangoApps with 50+ enterprise systems. No coding required.

Reports & Analytics

MangoApps helps you collect data and make sense of it (including an ROI dashboard).


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