Bring your community together

Our All-in-One Community Engagement Platform provides a shared workspace for collaboration, support, training, and content.

Does this sound like you?

No shared space for vendor collaboration

Federated non-profits, franchises, and trade associations often can’t collaborate across locations besides email, causing siloed work.

No mechanism to deploy information and training

Keeping everyone in the loop is hard without a centralized repository for things like training materials, policies, and leadership updates.

Difficult to collect input or achieve consensus

There is no easy way to collect and manage ideas or achieve consensus on voting initiatives. Members feel like they don’t have a voice.

Now you can boost community participation and knowledge with a community engagement platform

Enable your members with information and training

Send out targeted updates and newsletters with easy-to-use templates and real-time analytics

Full-featured learning management platform nested inside the app makes it easy to build courses and push them out to your members

Organize your most important pages, files and links in an easy to reference library for everyone

Power community collaboration

Enable collaboration in social media-like workspaces where everyone can contribute and have visibility into your ongoing efforts

Guest Users
Manage members from multiple organizations with ease, including granular permission controls to enable personalized experiences

Knowledge Management
Wikis and searchable collaboration groups create a repository of knowledge that builds on itself over time

Give community members a voice

Idea Management
Collect and vote on ideas from all customers, and create visibility around next steps and actions taken

Questions & Answers
Provide a searchable space for community members to ask questions and get expert answers fast

EAuditable voting system makes it easy to gather input on initiatives and make collective decisions

See the difference

Create an engaged, knowledgeable community by equipping everyone with the resources they need

Boost efficiency and expertise by centralizing collaboration and reducing duplicated work

Improve community participation by giving every member the opportunity to make their voice heard

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