Top Workplace by Facebook Replacement at EQUAL or LOWER COSTS

MangoApps is the original enterprise social networking platform for your company featuring chat, collaboration groups, and knowledge libraries. It’s packed with community and modern AI features designed to supercharge your employee community.

Migrate to MangoApps: The original enterprise social network

We offer hassle-free migration from Workplace, a similar interface that your employees will understand immediately, and key upgrades and advancements which will drastically boost efficiency and quality of life for platform administrators.

We also have several areas of opportunity for expansion into deeper functionality to replace other tools you use, such as LMS, employee recognition, and surveys.

Communication & Collaboration

Keep everyone aligned with chat and collaboration Groups

With instant messaging and community workspaces, MangoApps ensures a smooth transition from Workplace to a familiar environment where your employees can get to job-critical information fast without getting swamped with irrelevant clutter.

  • Real-time messaging with groups and individuals

  • Centralized communication channels for projects and teams

  • Smart news feed uses AI to personalize content and notification priorities for each user

Employee engagement

Empower employees with personalized experiences

Empower real-time employee connections with the confidence of HIPAA-compliant security and admin-controlled message deletion, ensuring every conversation stays confidential and secure. Maintain peace of mind knowing that sensitive information is protected, and communication flows seamlessly within your team. Experience the perfect blend of instant connectivity and robust privacy controls.

  • Interactive polls and surveys to gather feedback

  • Gamification elements to encourage participation

  • Automated campaigns, deep employee segmentation, and centralized insights for communication teams

knowledge libraries

Capture and organize knowledge for instant access

Automatically capture and organize your employees’ knowledge, and make it easy for your employees to find reference and training materials from anywhere. Our AI-powered search and chatbots ensure that you can find anything in seconds.

  • Comprehensive knowledge libraries for easy access to information

  • Document management with version control and governance lifecycles

  • Advanced search functionality and AI Assistants help employees find information quickly

Employee recognition

Nurture a culture of appreciation where employees feels valued

Shine a light on your employees with customizable shout-outs that reinforce your core values, are broadcast to the community, and can be tied to tangible rewards like gift cards or company swag.

  • Customizable recognition badges and awards

  • Public recognition feeds to highlight achievements

  • Peer-to-peer recognition capabilities

AI-Powered Everything

Supercharge your workforce with AI-powered tools

The latest innovations in Generative AI are baked into every facet of MangoApps, empowering you to maximize outputs and automate away rote tasks without requiring any coding. The result is an efficient platform administration team and a deeply connected workforce.

  • Automatic content translation, video captioning, and text-to-speech ensure that everyone can participate

  • Generative AI speeds up content generation throughout the platform, without compromising security

  • Automated workflows take care of rote tasks and route information through your business, so work happens faster


Create a connected hub for all your workplace resources

MangoApps enables you to create a fully integrated experience where all the tools you use are accessible from a single dashboard, including interactive widgets for popular tools like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

  • SSO enables one-click access to all of your systems

  • Deep two-way integrations with all the most popular business tools

  • API access makes it easy to build custom integrations where needed

Enterprise Security & Scalability

Built for the frontline, scalable for the enterprise

Having worked with customers like large health systems, national retail chains, and government agencies for over a decade, we can meet the security and scalability needs of any organization.

  • Optimized for frontline employees (e.g., no email required)

  • Verified and tested for millions of users

  • HITRUST, SOC2 & ISO Certified (includes HIPAA compliance)

  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA

Easy Administration

Own your experience with powerful admin tools

Don’t rely on IT to update your domain. MangoApps’ admin dashboard balances user-friendliness with feature depth, so you can feel confident managing your hub and providing a great user experience.

  • MangoApps offers a variety of onboarding resources, so 
your admins have everything they need to get started.

  • Make your domain truly yours with white labeling and custom templates that bring your brand’s image to life.

  • Measure user activity with ROI dashboards and usage reports.

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