Release Deployment Process

MangoApps Releases:


Major Release Deployment Communication:

  • Release communication are sent over email to domain administrators 1 week in advance of deployment to shared cloud customers and 3 weeks in advance to private cloud and on-premise customers
  • We recommend that domain administrators pass this on to their users by posting it in a MangoApps group that all user’s are part of.

Major Release  Deployment Sequence:

  • Major releases are first deployed to our shared cloud servers
  • Private cloud and on-premise customers can choose to have the new release deployed 2 weeks after the release has been deployed to shared cloud server
  • To mitigate risks associated private cloud and on-premise customers have the options of opting out of new releases or deploying to staging environment first and then moving to production.

Release Related  Downtime:

  • New release deployment is largely automated and seamless.
  • Typical MangoApps major or minor releases require minimal downtime (< 5 minutes)
  • Shared cloud deployments typically happen on Saturday’s between 4PM to  12PM GMT.  Private cloud  / on-premise deployments happen based on arrangements with your CSM.

Release Related  Communication to Users:

  • Depending on your organisation’s use of MangoApps, communication to user’s about downtime may vary.  At a minimum we recommend that domain administrators summarise the release notes to highlights things that their users care more about
  • As downtime is typically small and either on weekends or during non-work hours, communication related to downtime may or may not be necessary.