Mobile iOS & Android Enhancements

MangoApps mobile apps in this release get the following new features & improvements

  • Shared Todos

    • Simple and easy to use, shared todos give your manager / supervisor / co-workers visibility into action items you are working on
    • More details on this feature are here.


  • File Improvements

    • Ability to sort files by A-Z and by updated time is now available. This sorting enhancement is available in the top level files module and in the team level files module.
    • Ability to get and share a public link of a file is now available in the mobile app.


  • Poll Improvements

    • By default the default end date would be set 3 days from creation date.
    • Poll comments by default will be turned OFF.
    • ‘Notify everyone’ settings for poll responses by default will be turned OFF.


  • Ability to Launch 3rd Party Apps from MangoApps with SSO

    • The 3rd party app can use MangoApp as it’s Identity Provider (OAuth2.0) which enables users to get a single sign-on experience into the app and they don’t need to provide their credentials again.
    • MangoApps as a SAML 2.0 identity provider now supports both SP and IDP initiated SSO options.