MangoApps Roadmap Process

MangoApps – What get’s in, What get’s enhanced & What get’s out ?

Data from the following 4 major areas is used to decide what features are added and what features are enhanced (or removed) in MangoApps

  1. Product Management Team – MangoApps product management team is responsible for continuos innovation in the product which factors in growth opportunities, product differentiation, execution time/cost and use cases from internally generated novel ideas.
  2. Customer Success & Support Team – MangoApps customer success & support team interactions with our customers feed into the product roadmap the real business requirements, customer use cases and customer pain points helping shape the product roadmap.
  3. Insights from Customer Usage Data – Studying of data generated from usage and adoption of existing features (or lack of usage/adoption of some features) helps drive refinements or deprecating of functionality in the product.
  4. Advancements in user experience, technology & eco-system – Our investment in research of advancements in user experience, technology and eco-system at large also help define the short & long term product direction