July 2016 Release Items (released to production)

Web  Interface / Mango Platform

  • Partner Program Launch
  • Admin Control & Security Improvements
    • IP address based access integrated with your AD/LDAP groups
    • ADFS login with user profile information synced
    • More granular control on team admin permissions
    • Improved access logs
    • Control over user & team profile cards
    • Enhancements in import & export of user profile data via CSV files
  • Usability Improvements
    • News feeds real time refresh
    • Dashboard filters as per user preference
    • Larger video and images default thumbnails in pages, wikis, posts
    • Improved file upload experience
    • Guest user improvements
    • User preference on views, filters, sort by in modules automatically remembered
    • Reactions support in private messages
    • Tasks usability improvements on workflow actions, bulk move and delete support
    • Pinned list for projects, groups, wikis etc now is faster to access
  • New Integrations
    • Integrated with Skype
  • Improved hashtags support
  • Multi-projects task summary view
  • Emoji support in private and team chat

MangoApps For Windows & Mac

  • Increased stability of file sync with long(> 256 chars) file name support
  • Chat improvements
  • Guest user enhancements
  • Compose box UI improvement

Mobile (Android & iOS)

  • Ideas & Idea Campaign modules
  • Shortcuts of web available on mobile
  • Files & video upload improvements
  • Support for all SSO via SAML providers
  • Compose box UI improvement