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Speed up the collaborative process and make better decisions, faster.
  • MangoApps - Team Collaboration
  • MangoApps - Team Collaboration
  • MangoApps - Team Collaboration

MangoApps team collaboration software helps your employees, customers and partners work together in significant better ways. Companies use MangoApps to drive strategic alignment, employee productivity, get competitive advantage and achieve better results.

MangoApps team collaboration delivers to accelerate your business and solves your team communication challenges at scale.
Transform Team Communication
  • Transform Group Collaboration

    Harness the power of teams on a secure collaboration platform by sharing knowledge, files, wikis and connect with experts from across your organization regardless of their role or location.
  • Accelerate Project Collaboration & Management

    Keep projects on track and drive them to completion by turning all discussions into action items on the project collaboration platform, significantly reducing status meetings and doing effective task management for a dispersed team using the collaboration app.
  • Simple & Secure Collaboration of Files

    Confidently share files with customers & partners using file collaboration software, with need to know file permissions for confidential documents and ensure your team always has the right version of files.
  • Drive Employee Engagement & Productivity

    Move work forward using team collaboration software instead of crafting perfect emails, ask questions, conduct polls, follow topics and have active discussions around it, mention folks to take next steps to drive up employee productivity. In-built recognition and at employee gamification boasts employee satisfaction, personal growth and happiness significantly boasting employee engagement.
Accelerate Innovation
  • Accelerate Innovation by Integrating Ideas into the Collaboration App

    A group collaboration software for anyone to share insights and propose new ideas around focussed campaigns. MangoApps reduces the time it takes for company ideas to go from a new idea to call to action to execution and in the process accelerates innovation.
  • Build an Agile Community using Secure Collaboration Software

    Create discussion groups on a integrated, secure collaboration platform with agencies, suppliers, vendors, students, alumni, job applicants, office locations or any other member of your business ecosystem critical to your business success.
  • Help Customers Faster with Group Collaboration

    Build deeper customer relationship with direct customer interaction by bringing them onto your company's secure collaboration platform. With domain experts and specialists on your team collaboration software, empower your service agents to handle most complex and impactful issues.
Nurture More Sales Opportunities
  • Nurture More Sales Opportunities

    Track all your opportunity pipeline and interactions with the in-built CRM module. Using group collaboration software and collective sales team intelligence help move deals along faster.
  • Scale New Employee On-Boarding

    By bring new hires on your company’s team collaboration software, they have immediate access to project conversations, older decisions, files, tasks, orientation schedules, and training programs; No more forwarding of hundreds of old emails to new joinees. People directory and profiles directly integrated in the collaboration app makes it easy to connect and engage with anyone from any location.
  • Make Insightful Decisions on the Best Integrated Collaboration Platform

    A collaboration software where information is in one place, including integrations with 50+ business systems so it’s easier to prioritize and make quick decisions based on the most up-to-date information. Do this from any device — a browser or your mobile device.
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