Flexible Medium & Large Business Pricing

We believe in a pricing model that works the way you do. Enterprises just don't work like small companies, and they don't buy MangoApps the same way either. Simply select the products you are interested in and we will get back to you within 1 business day. To customize MangoApps further and create a completely custom package, take a look at our Mango CustomFit option.

1. Select the products you are interested in

Mango Intranet

Modern company intranet & employee portal. Learn more »

Mango ESN

Enterprise social networking & employee engagement. Learn more »

Mango Teams

Enterprise team communication, project collaboration & execution. Learn more »

Mango CMS

Enterprise file sharing, synchronization & content management. Learn more »

Mango Community

Suite of community tools and services to help you build a private online community. Learn more »

2. Select total number of users


3. Deployment model you are interested in

Shared Cloud
Get up and running immediately. As the shared cloud service runs in a multi-tenant environment, some of the enterprise controls (e.g. VPN, Custom Domain Name, Release Control etc.) are not available. Learn more
Private Cloud
We create a dedicated setup to run your instance of MangoApps and manage the service for you. You can choose to have the service as open or as closed to the Internet as you want. Learn more
On-premise deployments run inside your data center on hardware provided by you. You control and manage all aspects of the service. Learn more
Not Sure
Need help deciding which deploymnet model is best for your company? We are happy to talk through all the options and find the right fit for you needs. Learn more
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