What is MangoApps File Sync and how does it work?

MangoApps File Sync is a secure mechanism to keep all of your work files automatically synchronized between your desktop and your online MangoApps folders giving you easy access to your files from any device.

With MangoApps File Sync you,

  • Always have the right content instantly, no matter where the file was updated
  • Always have access to all your files & folders from anywhere and edit it wherever you are, online or offline
  • Get enterprise grade security by having end-to-end encryption so you know you’re syncing files and folders securely in transit and securely encrypted at rest

Once synced, you can browse the MangoApps files and folder locally on your computer.  Any changes you make to the files and folders are automatically saved to MangoApps server when you get connected online. Any changes to MangoApps files by your co-editors from any other location, will also automatically get reflected on your local computer without you having to take any action.

Here are the steps to sync your first folder:

  1. Go to Sync tab in your MangoApps for Windows or Mac application.
  2. Select ‘Customize folder settings’ option.
  3. Enable sync
  4. Select destination folder. This is a local folder on your Windows or Mac
  5. Select source folder – You can select from Projects, Groups, Opportunities and Departments. You can also select folders from your network drive or a full My Drive.



Once synced, the MangoApps folder will continue to sync two way until,

  1. The App is running
  2. You are logged into the app
  3. You remove folder from Sync
  4. You Unlink the computer

Your Sync activity will be updated in real time in Sync tab. You can further filter this list by Sync Status like downloaded, uploaded or renamed. You can also filter the Sync activity by Folders.


A top section in the Sync tab provides sync summary. It shows details of the currently synced folder and last sync summary after a Sync is completed.