Managing Customer Networks

Common Problems:

count How can you effectively interact with your customers?

count How can you increase business through the partner channel with your customers?

count How can you establish a sense of community and trust with your customers?

How MangoApps Solves It:

Customer involvement and effective communication builds trust and respect in both directions of a business relationship. MangoApps heightens involvement and speeds communication. On a secure collaboration platform, external connections are more open to share their positive experiences with new prospects in your sales pipeline.

  • Customers appreciate being closely involved with partners through any means possible. With the world-class communication abilities of MangoApps you can efficiently involve them on a very personal level without getting overwhelmed.
  • With real-time access to the experts and points of contact from your organization that you’ve paired with them, customers feel like they’ve been given the royal treatment and will pass their good experiences on.
  • Barriers like file size, geographical location, and not knowing if your communication has arrived to the right contact are all dealt with through the flexibility and efficiency of MangoApps.
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Managing Public Relations

Common Problems:

count How can you best collaborate on your public relations plan with your internal decision makers?

count How can you effectively present your company’s best side to the media?

count How can you reuse effective communications for interviews, press releases, and public speaking opportunities?

How MangoApps Solves It:

Reputations ride on the communications that surround your company. Strategically involving the media, your best customers and valuable company experts on MangoApps collaboration app will raise public knowledge, improve overall perception, and efficiently reduce the cost of generating positive public relations.

  • Include the media in select external groups to interact with experts that speak for your company.
  • Draw on the expert knowledge within your organization to prepare for speaking engagements, press releases and published articles.
  • Receive feedback from your employees prior to communication events to represent your company in the best possible light.
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