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Finding & collaborating with colleagues is a challenge

Lack of good employee directory and integration with messaging tools make team collaboration difficult

No centralized knowledge base to reference

Spread out information and conversations result in frustrated employees and wasted time

Outdated systems don't allow mobile & remote access

Accessing needed information and tools while on the go is challenging

Employee training & onboarding is difficult

Onboarding new employees and continous training for existing employees is difficult

Manual paper-pushing makes everything move too slow

Lack of digital workflows and reliance on email for communication slows the business to a crawl.

Too many tools and they cost too much to license & support

Licensing costs for various tools add up quickly and becomes a major expense

Ask yourself, how do you do these tasks, across different offices, at your company today? Unless you have recently deployed a modern, company-wide, platform like MangoApps, chances are you use email and a plethora of siloed tools to muddle through these and other similar tasks every day. There is a better way!

These workplace problems have a large negative impact on business

Frustrated Employees & Low Company Morale
Workplace inefficiencies can be felt across the board. Employees feel frustrated, leading to low satisfaction, engagement, and performance.
Inefficiencies Cause Revenue Loss of 20 to 30%
According to the research firm IDC, inefficiency costs companies anywhere from 20% to 30% of their revenue every year

Learn how a work management platform solves these problems

Successfully Serving Big Clients With Small Teams Tool Sprawl: A Toxin to Productivity
Improve Productivity With Weekly Status Updates Break Out Of A Creative Rut With Increased Company Collaboration
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