Difficult to share company-wide news & updates

Poor management communication results in confusion, conflict and out-of-sync employees

Information & company resources are hard to find

Up-to-date documents and other important information are hard to find when you need them

Finding & collaborating with colleagues is a challenge

Lack of good employee directory and integration with messaging tools make team collaboration difficult

Too many emails & meetings leave no time for work

Endless email chains and meetings so everyone is on the same page eats up entire work-day

No centralized knowledge base to reference

Spread out information and conversations result in frustrated employees and wasted time

Outdated systems don't allow mobile & remote access

Accessing needed information and tools while on the go is challenging

Employee training & onboarding is difficult

Onboarding new employees and continous training for existing employees is difficult

Manual paper-pushing makes everything move too slow

Lack of digital workflows and reliance on email for communication slows the business to a crawl.

Too many tools and they cost too much to license & support

Licensing costs for various tools add up quickly and becomes a major expense

Ask yourself, how do you do these tasks, across different offices, at your company today? Unless you have recently deployed a modern, company-wide, platform like MangoApps, chances are you use email and a plethora of siloed tools to muddle through these and other similar tasks every day (see our use-cases section for a complete list). There is a better way!

These workplace problems have a large negative impact on business

Frustrated Employees & Low Company Morale
Workplace inefficiencies can be felt across the board. Employees feel frustrated, leading to low satisfaction, engagement, and performance.
Inefficiencies Cause Revenue Loss of 20 to 30%
According to the research firm IDC, inefficiency costs companies anywhere from 20% to 30% of their revenue every year

Learn how a work management platform solves these problems

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