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Enterprise companies run on a steady diet of content and files. Our modern platform keeps your intranet
from becoming a nightmare labyrinth of old information and nested folders.

Company & Department Sites

Organize top-down content distribution by company, department, and team, so everyone sees news relevant to them

Employee Dashboard

Every employee sees a customizable widget-based dashboard with updates and feeds alongside their personal tools and calendar

File & Folder Management

Save everyone time with organized, searchable files and folders. Permissions and version management are a breeze

Wikis & Libraries

Collate documents, rich text pages, and external links into wikis and libraries that keep your teams informed and organized

Employee Vault

Current & former employees get a two-factor protected vault for their personal HR documents

Content Publishing & Microsites

Push out content and microsites internally or publicly that serve as organized repositories of information


Our content creator and flexible templates empower you to communicate information in a digestible form, and get it out to the right targeted audience

Mango Notes

Jot down quick notes in a centralized, searchable workspace. Can be shared for simultaneous editing

Rich Media Experience

Create engaging content, with video streaming, podcasts, and easy-to-use post templates where anything can be embedded

Team Communication

Give your diverse workforce the flexibility to work and communicate in whatever style suits them best.

Mobile Apps

Fully functioning iOS and Android apps ensure support for multiple work styles, including frontline and traveling workers

News Feed

Every user gets a personal news feed, with flexible settings that ensure they get all the updates they need and no clutter

Private Messages

Colleagues can message each other within the intranet portal, making it easy to communicate without interrupting the flow of work


Groups create a space for discussion and files centered around a specific topic, and help users track projects and reference historical conversation and files


Posts make it easy to self-author content and get it out to the right audience, and can be created on behalf of executives by assistants


Custom attributes allow for personalization of messages going out to a wide audience


Replace MS Teams, Whatsapp, and text messages in one fell swoop, with a quick messenger that works for everyone


Make your employees feel welcome and valued with greetings for important personal and work-related milestones


Hashtagging system makes it easy to follow and organize projects on an ad-hoc basis, especially for development teams


Work smarter with a collaborative workspace that promotes visibility, adapts to your workflow, and scales with your needs

Task Management

Our deep, flexible task feature set ensures that teams and individuals have a clear to-do list across multiple projects

Team Messages

Rich multimedia messaging with comment threads let teams collaborate and get feedback in real time

Project Workspaces

A consolidated space for each project’s communication & resources ensures that everyone stays on the same page

Partner Collaboration

Bring in external partners with guest accounts that can access only their relevant projects

Screen Sharing

Quickly communicate ideas and solve problems with built-in screen sharing

File & Folder Management

Take control of your document organization with flexible cloud-based storage & powerful search capabilities

File Sharing

Share and edit files together in real time, and provide team-visible feedback with comment threads

Internal Communication

Declutter your top-down communications and ensure the most important messages reach the right people, right away. Our campaigns are flexible, trackable, and empower you to react quickly in crisis situations.

Emergency Alerts

Send out targeted crisis communications quickly, so everyone stays safe and informed. Our templates make it easy


Send targeted email and SMS campaigns to detailed groups of users and measure distribution and impact

Campaign Builder

Campaigns can be drafted by multiple collaborators, with custom attributes, previews, and test sends

Read Receipts

For important messages, leaders can turn on read receipts and understand at a glance which employees require followup

Organization & Entry Points

Modern workers have to fight their way through a constant barrage of information. Empower your people to eliminate noise and get what they need, in whatever format suits them best.

Global Search

Powerful predictive search engine returns results from all of your files, documents, and conversations, so nothing ever gets lost again


Hashtagging system makes it easy to follow and organize projects on an ad-hoc basis, especially for development teams

RSS Reader

External RSS feeds can be integrated directly into dashboards and pages

Employee Directory

Rich employee profiles and org charts that are always up to date can forge connections between subject matter experts who might otherwise have remained in silo

Push & Email Notifications

Every employee can receive notifications wherever is best for them, so important updates get through in real time, without getting lost in irrelevant noise


Create team, company, and individual calendars and events within MangoApps that can sync with Outlook and Google

File Sharing

Sending files back and forth is easy, no matter what device you’re using


Built-in learning management makes it easy for your team to pick up new skills right in the flow of their day-to-day work. MangoApps includes everything you need to create powerful content for customer and employee training, as well as compliance and upskilling.

Flexible Course Management

Create and deploy training with ease with our complete set of management tools, including advanced targeting, templates, bulk actions, and SCORM/xAPI imports

Personalized Learning Portal

Easy for users to sign up, track progress, and explore their potential with tailored recommendations

Custom Assessments

Built-in quiz and survey builders make it easy to keep training engaging and meet certification requirements

Blended Learning

Self-led and instructor-led courses can be seamlessly integrated to create a diverse, engaging curriculum

Certificates & Transcripts

Manage certification with custom certificates and transcripts, and re-assign courses where ongoing compliance is required

Customer & Partner Training

Design training portals for external use, so you can provide content for your customers and/or partners to learn the ins and outs of your productor service


Your employees spend a significant amount of time trying to find lost tools and information.
Bring it all together into one dashboard that integrates with everything you use.

G Suite Widgets

Popular G Suite services can be integrated into each employee’s MangoApps dashboard

Microsoft 365 Widgets

Deep integrations let Microsoft content populate within the MangoApps dashboard, so the two complement each other

Custom Integrations

Integrate existing systems using our OpenAPIs, webhooks and web parts, so the tools you use work in harmony and complement each other

Open APIs

The MangoApps Open API is a complete programmable interface to MangoApps functionality, ensuring that whatever functionality you need can be provided


Forms, workflows, and trackers let you automate the flow of processes and approvals so information gets to the right people, faster and without friction.


Design no-code forms that collect information into dynamic tracker spreadsheets

Clean Data

Flexible requirements keep your data formatted correctly so it is easily manipulated, audited, and tracked


Build spreadsheet-powered processes that organize and track information as it moves through your business, with linked conversations and smart formulas


Automate rule-based tracker processes like informing and approvals, saving time and frustration. No coding required

Notifications & Reminders

Automated business processes notify users when they are needed, ensuring everything runs smoothly and nothing is overlooked

Administration & Analysis

Unlike your legacy intranet, MangoApps is easy to set up and maintain.
We have a whole suite of features designed to make your administrators’ lives easier.

Reports & Analytics

Send out targeted crisis communications quickly, so everyone stays safe and informed. Our templates make it easy

Data Compliance & Retention

Flexible data policies make it easy for companies in any industry to have full control over their data, from content flagging to auto-archival and more


Custom moderator roles and notifications, mass actions, and content flagging make it easy for user-submitted content to work at any company

Admin Portal

Managing your users and customizing your functionality requires no coding. Admins get full control, in as much or as little detail as they need

Employee Community

Fostering community among your employees has never been easier.
With MangoApps, you have all the tools you need to build an engaged team of thinkers and doers.

Levels & Badges

Users accumulate levels and badges over time, encouraging them to engage with the platform


Custom tools can give you insights into employee wellness and behavior, and foster a welcoming, healthy culture

Rewards & Recognition

Managers can give team members a digital pat on the back, with comments and emoji reactions from colleagues. It’s organic and non-disruptive, and does wonders for employee happiness

Office Locations

Create a local space for each of your offices, where teams can discuss non-work activities like parties, interests, and community efforts

Collect Valuable Feedback

Give your employees a voice and gain actionable insights into their needs. Surveys, polls, and voting ballots let you collect useful real-time feedback

Idea Management

Encourage a culture of participation and innovation by giving employees a space for ideas, where managers and colleagues can discuss and react

Platform Features

We are constantly innovating to stay at the cutting edge of what a modern intranet platform can do.

AI-Powered Functionality

Automatic language translation, closed captioning, and text-to-voice keep your content inclusive and globally relevant

Language Support

The platform can be set to all popular language at the user level, and user content is automatically translated between over 50 languages

Enterprise Security

We take security seriously. Our robust platform has a whole host of features like SSO, multi-factor authentication, optional HIPAA compliance, and much more

Branding & Customization

Make MangoApps look and feel like an in-house tool, so your employees take to it naturally
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