Build IT Help Desks

Common Problems:

count How can you make your users self-sufficient for repetitive IT tasks?

count How can you build knowledge in your company through voluntary collaboration?

count How can you minimize the response time to business critical issues?

How MangoApps Solves It:

IT issues can be handled in an automated and forum generated answer setting. MangoApps collaboration app decreases the time in which issues are discovered, reported, diagnosed, and resolved. With greater user knowledge through open communication of resolution steps, the number of IT support tickets decreases, productivity increases and users are happy to know they can find the answers to their own questions within MangoApps.

  • Your IT experts effectively train the entire organization to be more self-sufficient through their responses to questions and issues that are logged in MangoApps.
  • Answers can be found on-demand when IT staff are offline or busy. As more issues are logged and answered, your virtual, searchable knowledge base becomes the first place employees look.
  • Your IT staff isn’t burdened by the full weight of all the IT questions, because their expertise is complimented by the growing expertise of the entire organization.
  • Real-time discussions of complex IT issues can occur in geographically dispersed office locations.
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Document Visibility

Common Problems:

count How can you maximize visibility to documents in your existing Enterprise Content Management systems like SharePoint?

count How can you encourage comments, sharing, and collaborative document creation?

count How can you increase adoption through an ease-of-access approach to shared knowledge in documents?

How MangoApps Solves It:

Knowledge sharing becomes infinitely easier when centralized on MangoApps team collaboration software. Integration to SharePoint and other Enterprise Content Management repositories makes documents visible to everyone, increasing overall productivity of the organization.

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