Connect & Communicate

Find, connect and communicate with colleagues in real-time
Instant Messaging & Chat
Chat with coworkers in real-time. Conversations can be one-on-one or in a group with the entire team.
Posts & Newsletters
Ready-made templates and a word-like editor makes it easy to create visually appealing posts.
Emergency & Important Alerts
Reach all employees with time-sensitive and urgent company alerts, regardless of their location or device.
Private Messages
Start a private dialogue with one or more coworkers. Private messages are visible only to participants.
News Feed
Newsfeeds provide employees with a single location to read, reply, like and share.
Team Messages (Discussions)
Share quick thoughts, ideas, updates and more with team members. Help keep everyone out of meetings.
AI Powered Translations & More
MangoApps AI engine can convert company posts to podcasts, provide inline translations in 52 languages and generate captions for your videos.
Screen Sharing
Instant screen sharing to provide support or present to internal or external participants on any device.
Video & Screen Recording
Capture or record your computer screen and mark it up with texts, arrows, highlights or captions.
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Collaborate & Manage

Company intranet, internal communication, social networking & employee engagement tools
Connect the right people, resources and information in an easy to use space.
Project Workspaces
Team spaces give you a secure space to share updates, ask questions, track progress and get results.
Task Management
Task management helps you stay organized and keep projects on track.
Create company events, team events, meeting and appointments using MangoApps calendar.
File Sharing
Allow users to share files and documents as they communicate and collaborate easily.
Locations  Enterprise only 
Share office location information and automatically create location-based office groups.
Partner Collaboration
Create a workspace and invite customers, partners, and vendors to collaborate and share easily.
Idea Management
Create a collective space to share, collaborate and vote on ideas and campaigns.
Team CRM
Easily define opportunity stages, add customers and follow them through the sales pipeline.
Poll everyone or poll a team. Anyone can easily create a poll and share.
Easily organize answers to question and help employees find information quickly.
Create custom quizzes that drive employee learning and fun competitions in your company.
Votes & Ballots  Enterprise only 
Easy-to-use voting module helping associations and communities get approval on new policies, elect representatives, and make key decisions.
Shared To-Do List
To-do lists are easy to create, update, view and share with anyone in your company.
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Forms, Trackers and Workflows

Collect, Track, and Collaborate on Business Data or Processes With Ease
Online Database
Create an online database to store and track anything. With spreadsheet-like UI, online databases are easy to create and modify.
Create a custom form that can be used to collect data.
Custom Table views
Filter and select columns to create custom views of your master database.
Over 50 ready to go templates make it easy to get started.
Share forms and data tables to coordinate and collaborate with others in your organizations.
Workflows  Coming soon 
Digitize your companies processes by adding approval and process workflows to your forms and trackers.
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Create Content & Knowledge

Create and organize content just the way it works for your company
Document Management
Securely share files and keep them organized in folders and sub-folders.
File Synchronization  Enterprise only 
Backup and sync your files with ease, and always have access to the most up-to-date version.
Wikis are a great way to capture knowledge and keep it up-to-date collaboratively.
Company Sites
Give everyone a single place to find the announcement, news, and content they need.
Departmental Sites  Enterprise only 
Departments are the best way to communicate department level mission, goals, plans, and more.
Mango Notes
Real-time and simultaneously editable notes designed to keep important details, ideas, and information organized.
Rich Text Pages
Create a micro-site for your team to organize valuable information in a website like structure.
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Find colleagues and resources across your entire company
Global Search
Quickly search for people, files, content or anything else you have access to.
Company Orgchart
Help employees easily visualize and understand the corporate hierarchy.
Employee Directory
Easily search and find contact information for anyone in the company.
Employee Profile & Graph
Easily find resources within the company and the best way to connect with them.
Hashtags are a great way to categorize and discover content.
RSS Reader
Receive the latest content from any website with a built-in RSS reader.
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Employee engagement features are available alongside everyday work activities
Get notified about coworker birthdays and other important life events.
Rewards & Recognition
Reward and recognize co-workers and employees for their good work, contributions, and initiatives.
Measure satisfaction, evaluate performance or get employee feedback with easy to use surveys.
Campaigns  Enterprise only 
Reach and engage inactive employees with smart targeted email and newsletter campaigns.
Levels & Badges
Drive employee satisfaction and engagement with enterprise gamification.
Email Notifications
Receive regular email digest summarizing all of the relevant activities that have recently happened in MangoApps.
Push Notifications
Receive push notifications directly to your mobile device, staying up to date on important activity in real-time.
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Organize & Personalize

Completely customizable dashboard, media gallery and more
A completely customizable homepage that provides easy access to what matters to you.
Media Library
Store your company photos, videos, and audio all in one place.
Quick Access
This feature offers employees fast and reliable access to their most important and frequently used links.
Make compiling, organizing, managing, and the sharing of company-wide resources both internal and external, simple and straightforward

Manage Training & Certifications

Train your workforce to help them reach their full potential
Course Management
A complete set of course management features make it easy for you create, manage and organize training lessons.
Learner Portal & Delivery
Our learning portal is personalized for each user and makes it a breeze to signup for the right course, take the course from anywhere and track your progress.
Certification Management
Rich certification management capabilities make it easy to create, setup, award and track certification requirements.
Built-in quiz and surveys designers make it easy to to build assessments and tests to meet compliance & certification requirements
Analytics & Reporting
Extensive reports make it easy to track, spot problems, and take informed actions based on detailed analytics.
Enterprise Ready
Built on the MangoApps enterprise platform, our learning management system comes with all the features enterprises expect and need.
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Create an Integrated Hub

Easily integrate MangoApps with 75+ enterprise systems. No coding required. Extend it further with MangoApps OpenAPIs and Webhooks
75+ Built-in Integrations
Easily integrate MangoApps with 75+ enterprise systems. No coding required.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
MangoApps supports almost all single sign-on options making signing in simple and secure.
Office 365 Connector
Use Office 365 to view, edit and co-edit documents within MangoApps.
Custom Integrations  Enterprise only 
Integrate existing systems using our OpenAPIs, webhooks and web parts.
CRM Connectors  Enterprise only 
Easily define opportunity stages, add customers and follow them through the sales pipeline.
Zapier + MangoApps  Enterprise only 
Integrate your existing programs, find new favorites, or even build custom 'Zaps' at any time.
Schedule Connector  Enterprise only 
Integrate your scheduling systems using the Schedule and Shifts Connector.
Open APIs  Enterprise only 
The MangoApps Open API is a complete programmable interface to MangoApps functionality
Box Connector  Enterprise only 
Full two-way sync of documents between your MangoApps and Box account.
Universal Login Service Provider
Instantly authenticate users to all of their 3rd party cloud and on-premise applications.
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Administer & Analyze

Features to help you easily administer and analyze usage
Administration Portal
Set company-wide defaults, manage users and customize functionality using easy to use admin portal.
Branding & Customization
With built-in branding tools, it is easy to brand and customize MangoApps for your company
Controlled Personalization
Set defaults for themes, color, notifications, etc. and control what users can customize
ROI & Analytics  Enterprise only 
MangoApps helps you collect data and make sense of it (including an ROI dashboard).
Usage Reports & BI  Enterprise only 
Usage Reports and BI give admins detailed information and in-depth data about how employees are using MangoApps
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Secure, Comply & Scale

An extensive set of security features to make sure your data stays safe
Data Retention & Compliance  Enterprise only 
MangoApps’ wide range of data compliance and retention options ensure accounts are always in compliance.
Deploy MangoApps in 3 Ways  Enterprise only 
Whether you are looking for a Cloud-based, quick to set-up solution, or the full control that Single Tenant or On-premise can provide, MangoApps provides both options.
Cloud Security & Certifications
MangoApps security and certification offer a wide range of application-level security solutions, ensuring your account is always safe
Scalable Platform
MangoApps is designed from the ground-up to handle the largest organizations on planet Earth
Language Framework
Out-of-the-box, MangoApps supports many popular languages (English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German). The built-in framework allows us to add additional languages easily.
Trash Can
MangoApps users get their trash can where deleted items reside until permanently deleted
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Onboard & Train

Your success is important to us.
On-boarding & Admin Training
Our proven customer success team is here to help establish lasting progress.
Mango Academy
A rich portal of free courses designed to help our customers get MangoApps training whenever and wherever they want.
Support & SLA
We are always around to keep things running smoothly
Custom Development Services  Enterprise only 
From integrations with other enterprise systems to adding new custom capabilities, let us know what customizations you have in mind and we would be happy to discuss.


Native apps make access to Mango easy and fast
iOS & Android Mobile Apps
MangoApps offers feature-rich apps for both iOS and Android so you can access everything on the go.
Windows & Mac Desktop Apps
Our free PC and Mac clients make it easy to message and stay informed in real-time.
Browser Extensions
MangoApps browser extension provides users with quick and secure access to their most recently accessed and pinned MangoApps content

Built-On A Powerful Enterprise App Platform

Smart Employee Platform

MangoApps makes it easy for organizations to create a central location employees go to for fast and seamless access to all the tools they need to share, communicate, collaborate, find & learn. Gone are the days of complex, non-collaborative, expensive, siloed tools. By focusing on employee's experience holistically, MangoApps replaces siloed applications your organization uses and helps you move to a modern digital hub for all employees.

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