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Why should you choose MangoApps over other intranet providers? We’re so glad you asked.


There are a lot of modern intranet providers, but few of them have been doing it as long as we have. MangoApps was founded in 2008, and we have been working with customers and building products for them since. The end result of that time is that our product does everything you would need, and does them all well. The sheer breadth and depth of MangoApps are a testament to the complex needs of any business.
Coming in as a customer today, you can take advantage of over a decade of customer-focused product innovation. For any particular problem you employ us to solve, you can be sure that our intranet solution has the depth and nuance to match your specific need.


Driving change in your organization can be challenging. You have a specific need, and you want a specific solution. You’re not going to convince everyone in the company to pivot how they work overnight, nor should you have to.
With MangoApps’ modular approach, you can get the narrow functionality you need right now, and only pay for that piece of the product. Down the road, when your team is comfortable using our platform, and you have another need to address, we’ll be here with a ready solution.
Adding functionality is as simple as flipping a switch, saving you from having to go through a whole buying cycle. Furthermore, between economies of scale and time saved by not switching between tools, MangoApps’ value builds on itself.


The amount of functionality we bring to the table vastly outweighs what you would expect to get at our price points. Better yet, our modular approach means you only have to pay for the piece of our product that you’re using.
At other companies, you pay a premium for a whole suite of tools you may never use, and get little to no support or service once your contract is signed. With MangoApps, you get a dedicated CSM, an intuitive solution to your problem, and a partner that enthusiastically grows with you and celebrates your success.

We Give Your Corporate and Frontline Workers a Unified Experience

Sectors like healthcare and manufacturing have something like 20% of their large teams in corporate roles, and the rest at the front lines. With these numbers, decision-makers are put into an uncomfortable position. How do you justify an intranet platform with a high per-user cost when its feature set only makes sense for office workers?
Most companies living in this reality either pay through the nose for something that doesn’t work for everyone, or implement a solution for their corporate team and leave a huge chunk of the workforce out of the loop.
On top of being affordable, MangoApps is designed to act as a bridge between teams. Our flexible settings and entry points can support any work style, and we integrate with all the tools both your frontline and office workers are already using.
The bottom line is that our modern intranet feature set, modular approach, and pricing change the equation for large, frontline-oriented enterprises, and give them an easy way to meet all of their employees where they are, with a unified employee experience.

Bring your frontline and office teams together on one common platform

It has never been this easy to create the perfect employee experience for your deskless and deskbound workers. Contact us to discuss requirements, pricing, rollout and support. Get your free demo today!
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