MangoApps Vs. Status quo

Intranets have changed a lot in the last several years. If yours hasn’t, you’re probably due for an upgrade.
Here are some common issues with outdated intranets:

Traditional intranets were designed for file storage, and not much else.

Old intranets usually have nested folders with no data governance, poor labeling of files, and borderline useless search functions that require an exact title match to return anything. There are no communication or collaboration features, so you have to find the file you’re looking for, download it, then upload a new version when you’re done. Maybe you label it with the date.
A few years of everyone doing this, and the intranet is a cluttered mess with no cohesive labeling or organization.


MangoApps solves all of these problems:
1. Our powerful search engine scans document contents, and collates results from all of your conversations, databases, and project workspaces.
2.Our collaboration features let you work in tandem with colleagues, so there’s only one version of a particular document, and it’s always the most recent.
3.Communication being baked into the platform allows you to direct people to the right resources, so files aren’t lost, efforts aren’t duplicated, and employees can find information without going on a wild goose chase.
4.Flexible data archival policies keep clutter from accumulating.

Your employees shouldn’t have to step into a time machine to go
searching for files and information in a clunky folder system.

Technology develops quickly, and if your intranet hasn’t kept pace, it’s only a matter of time until its underlying technology becomes totally obsolete. Continuing to use aging technology as you approach or pass its expiration date ensures that your employees experience frustration, and could open you up to both security breaches and technical issues.
All of the above translates to wasted time and money, that could far outpace the cost of moving to a modern intranet.


Our whole business is our product, and as such, we take it very seriously. Working with us means you have an intranet that moves with the pace of modern developments in security, functionality, and user experience.
We are constantly delivering new versions of our software and ensuring that everything is running in a stable environment. It’s a better experience for your employees and their devices, and you don’t have to worry about it slowly becoming obsolete.

Traditional intranets are designed like websites, with a single
access experience aimed at desktop computer users.

In today’s diverse working environment, a static intranet experience just doesn’t cut it. Your employees shouldn’t have to sign into a VPN, and then download a file and email it to themselves to access it from their phone.
Workarounds like this are bad for your employees, as well as for the company as a whole.


MangoApps has multiple entry points, including both desktop and mobile apps on top of a web experience, and we can deploy on-premise or in shared or private cloud.
These options ensure that your employees can get secure access to your intranet from wherever they are, on whatever device they need.

Your employees probably hate using your intranet, for all of the above reasons.
What are they using instead?

When a company’s intranet becomes outdated and cluttered to the point of being borderline useless, employees just find other ways to share files. There could be any number of ways that they’re doing this, which may or may not have potential for security breaches.
Even if there’s not a security issue, ad hoc file sharing solutions waste time, and cause your company information to be distributed to far-flung services that are outside your control. This means that if an employee leaves your company, you may not be able to recover all of their files and work, so knowledge transfer doesn’t happen.


With MangoApps, you’re providing your team with a modern intranet solution, and there’s no need for them to look elsewhere for this functionality. This means that your information stays centralized and secure, and knowledge is retained and transferred.

Why do companies need a platform for company apps

As organizations worldwide adapt to a fundamental shift in how and where we work, most businesses encounter a similar set of challenges. Here’s a summary of the challenges we hear from prospective customers every day.
Why do companies need a platform for company apps
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