MangoApps integrations automatically let’s you authenticate users, pull information and activity from external systems into MangoApps in a way that’s timely, relevant, and searchable. So stop switching between apps – MangoApps' integrations will keep your team’s info all in one place.

Single Sign-On

Strong security and better user experience begins with user identity

  • Integrate with Active Directory / LDAP or any SAML 2.0 source
  • Sync user information, groups and departments from multiple AD/LDAP servers
  • Automatically build organization chart from your AD company directory
  • User administration and provisioning centralized in your company's user identity service
Active Directory
One Login
Custom SSO

File Management

Secure document management making sharing, accessing and managing files easy

  • Choice of secure storage options - Amazon S3, Box or SAN for all your company & team documents
  • Attach SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and more files with your work in MangoApps. Publish files from MangoApps secure collaboration platform back to external file management systems
  • Integrate with your custom Amazon S3 Bucket, get automatic virus scanning, encryption of files at rest, full file version management and a viewer for 100+ types of files
File storage choices
Amazon S3
Office 365
OneDrive For Business
Google Drive
Windows File Server


Easily forward emails to MangoApps teams

  • Spam free integration with your enterprise email. Forward emails to a team and respond back directly from MangoApps
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook and forward communication with customers, partners into MangoApps
  • Forward communication from Slack Channels into MangoApps group and reply back directly from MangoApps
  • Convert updates from email, Slack into tasks or action items and get work done


Notify teams when opportunities open and close in Salesforce or Siebel

  • Notify teams as opportunity status changes in your CRM
  • Have a workspace for each opportunity to share insights, tasks, files and get the perfect team to execute on the opportunity
  • Opportunities are kept in sync on both systems automatically
  • Collaborate on opportunities on the go over mobile devices

Online Meetings (Huddle)

Integrate online meetings in your projects, groups and events

  • Ability to do a desktop sharing session, a video and audio meeting with your team at anytime from anywhere
  • Do online sales presentations, resolve customer issues and have face to face meetings directly from within MangoApps via GoToMeeting or Join.Me services
  • Have online meetings with your customers, partners, capture agenda and minutes of the meeting - all directly inside MangoApps

Developer & DevOps Tools

Send GitHub commits, performance data from New Relic, service down alert from Pingdom to MangoApps

  • Team is informed at a central place when team members commit new code and so have the ability to discuss a particular commit or change made
  • Notify devops team of any performance issue, server down issue all in a central place ensuring that everyone who can resolve the issue or needs to know are on the same page with the latest status.
  • Notify engineering teams regarding application changes and application exceptions seen in production logs eliminating the need to spend 100 of hours going over a large number of production logs on an ongoing basis.
New Relic

Customer Support & Ticketing

Automatically alert a team when a new Zendesk ticket is submitted. Respond back to the ticket directly from MangoApps.

  • Set up alerts for new support issues in customer support tools
  • Get access to files attached to the support ticket in Zendesk directly in the MangoApps team
  • Ability to respond back to the ticket and mark a ticket as closed directly from within MangoApps without the need to login into the customer support tool

Marketing & Lead Generation

Track your marketing campaign emails and results

  • Get a real-time marketing campaign email status and new subscription update in a MangoApps team
  • Notify team of email sent, bounced, opened, rejected status from Mandrill in real time

Social Media

Share company approved success news with friends & followers on Facebook and Twitter

  • Share on Facebook and Twitter directly from your News Feed
  • Get twitter updates shared with your teams in MangoApps

Weather, RSS and more...

Automatically get today's weather report every morning, RSS feeds from multiple sources and more

  • Share the day's weather report with everyone on company dashboard
  • Get RSS feeds from multiple sources into MangoApps social Intranet software
  • Use the external source integrator widget to track stock price, currency exchange rates and more
External Source Integrator

Microsoft Office & Outlook

Bi-directional integrations with Microsoft Office and Outlook Apps

  • Access documents from MangoApps directly in Word, PowerPoint, Excel to edit and save them from within Office back to MangoApps with ease
  • With ability to review co-author's changes, accept and merge changes, in-built versioning support you get the power of Microsoft Office fully integrated with MangoApps documents
  • Forward emails and attachments from Outlook directly into a team providing greater context and immediacy inside MangoApps that email lacks
  • Send emails by attaching a secure link or the complete document from MangoApps inside Outlook without having to go first download and then attach files to your email
MS Word
MS Powerpoint
MS Outlook

Google Services

Login with Google Apps, files from Google Drive and insights using Google Analytics

Google Drive
Google Analytics
Login Into Your Domain
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