How do I attach a file to a MangoApps feed that is stored in an External Document Repository?

Attach any file from your enabled External Document Repositories by:

  1. When composing an update or comment, click on the “Attach” link.
  2. From the left side of the “Attach” files window, click on the External Document Repository that has the file that you want to attach or click on “Search All” (see below).External Document Repositories must be enabled by the MangoApps Domain Administrator. Possible External Document Repositories are: SharePoint, Office 365, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Windows File Server, and Probox.
  3. Find your file to attach in the document repository you’ve chosen and place a check mark in the box next to the file.

When I attach a file that is stored in an External Document Repository is the file copied to MangoApps or is a link to the file shared?

A link to the file in the document repository is attached to the communication in MangoApps.

Can I search External Document Repositories for files?

Yes, when attaching files from External Document Repositories you can search all repositories by clicking on the “Magnifying Glass” icon labeled “Search Files”. The search will commence for all enabled document repositories as well as on your computer and in the MangoApps document cloud for the search criteria you provide.

Can I assign metadata to files in External Document Repositories?

Currently there is no way to add metadata to files in Most External Document Repositories. Depending on the repository, it may have a feature to add metadata through their External Document Repository application.

How do External Document Repository file permissions work?

File permissions for External Document Repositories are specific to each repository. Some repositories may allow a public link for the file that you are sharing through an attachment in MangoApps. Other repositories may require a sign in to view the attached file.

How does Sync work with files stored in External Document Repositories?

MangoApps sync only supports files that are native to MangoApps and not external document repositories.

How does the file viewer work with files in External Document Repositories?

If the External Document Repository has a file viewer for that file type, it will be used. Otherwise you may need to download the file to view it locally using the application on your computer. Alternately, you can import the file to MangoApps to use the MangoApps document viewer.

How do I bulk import files from External Document Repositories?

You can bulk import files from External Document Repositories by downloading them to your local computer then use MangoApps for Windows/Mac Sync feature to upload the files.

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