What is widget gallery?
Widget gallery is a list of widgets under various modules which can be added to the dashboard and to the sidebar widgets.

Which widgets are present in the widget gallery?
The widget gallery is divided into subsections. They are mostly based on modules, such as projects, groups, opportunities, and so on.
The various modules and the widgets under them are as follows:

All Forms
Getting Started Mission
MangoApps Resources
My Departments
New Polls
New Questions
Pending Approvals
Upcoming Birthdays
My Projects Calendar
My Projects Task Summary
My Pinned Projects
Recently Updated Projects
Group Suggestions
My Pinned Groups
Most Active Groups
Recently Updated Groups
My Pinned Opportunities
Recently Active Opportunities
My Pending Tasks
My To-Do List
My Delegated Tasks
My Completed Tasks
My Task Summary
My Milestones
My Events
All Upcoming Events
Top Voted Ideas
Most Discussed Ideas
New Ideas
New Idea Campaigns
All Ideas Summary
My Recent Files
Most Viewed Files
Most Discussed Files
My Pinned Wikis
Most Viewed Wikis
Most Discussed Wikis
Recently Updated Wikis
My Pinned Posts
Top Posts
Recently Updated Posts
Most Viewed Posts
Most Viewed Pages
Recently Updated Pages
Media Gallery
New Media
Invite Colleagues
Colleagues I Follow
Colleague Suggestions
Recent Badges
Recent Recognitions
Extension Widgets
Basic Text Box
Rich Text Box
Rich Text Box with Media
External Source Integrator
My RSS Feeds
My Notes
For Admin Only
Trash Can
Admin Portal Shortcut

For Admin Only is visible to only the domain admin(s).
What happens when modules are disabled for the domain?
The network members and the network admins will not see the module specific widgets in the add widgets popup.

What can we do with widgets?
The user can edit or delete widgets. Some of the widgets can also be duplicated.
While editing the widgets, the user can rename the widget according to his/her choice. Deleting the widget will remove the widget from the dashboard. Duplicate copies the widget type along with its content.

Which widgets can be duplicated?
The following widgets can be duplicated:

MangoApps Resources
Basic Text Box
Rich Text Box
Rich Text Box with Media
External Source Integrator

How many times can a widget be duplicated?
A widget can be duplicated any number of times.

Can I disable a widget?
No you cannot disable any widget.

Can admins configure widgets?
Yes, the admin can configure some of the widgets. The following widgets can be configured:

MangoApps Resources
Basic Text Box
Rich Text Box
Rich Text Box with Media
External Source Integrator

What is External Source Integrator?
External Source Integrator is a widget where third party content can be bought into a widget form inside MangoApps.
Some of the certified ones are:

Site Name What MangoApps support
Wufoo All types of embedding
Formstack Only I frame and advanced code
Jotform Only source and I web
Formsite Only secure link
FormLogix Only iframe
Freedback All types of embedding
Response-o-matic All types of embedding
Emailmeform Only HTML
Mycontactform All types of embedding
Typeform All types of embedding
123contactform All types of embedding
Forms on the fly All types of embedding
Get Feedback All types of embedding
Best Contact Form Only plain HTML
WeatherTemperature All types of embedding
Trading View All types of embedding
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