There are several reasons why domain administrators and users would want to customize the MangoApps branding and appearance. Through this article we’ll explore:

Why admins should make MangoApps colors familiar to domain users.

If users have spent time with other branded community documents and websites, matching those branded colors in MangoApps is important because familiar colors put users at ease when coming to a new site such as MangoApps.

MangoApps Network admins control the overall look and feel of the MangoApps website colors. By setting the CSS branded colors in the Admin Portal, you can limit distractions from foreign color schemes and unmatching look and feel. To set the branded colors, you can make changes to the domain CSS file located in the Admin Portal under Branding. To make changes to the CSS, follow this article for guidance.

Why prominently displaying a branded company logo and favicon makes adoption easier.

When users see a company logo, it is like the site they are visiting is endorsed by the company whom’s logo appears. Quicker adoptions happen when users are comfortable with the software they are learning. The connection between company-branded pages and adoption is that users feel like they are supposed to be exploring the software because it is branded (endorsed) by the company. The Favicon (small browser tab identifier icon) only adds to the ease of use and quick identification of the web page’s origin.

Why MangoApps terminology should match words used in your company culture.

We know that every organization has the names and special jargon for the work items that get used every day. You can leverage quicker understanding and more complete concept definition when the words in MangoApps match the words you use around your organization. For that very reason, MangoApps allows for changing the base words used to describe the MangoApps product to the words that are most comfortable with respect to usage in your organization.

You can change some of the broad terminology in MangoApps in the Admin Portal such as the words for “Projects”, “Intranet”, “Department”, “Groups” and “Tasks”. But for a complete overhaul of the terminology in MangoApps, the built-in Translation Tool can allow the most complete customization. If there is a word or phrase that cannot be customized using the Translation Tool, contact and we’ll see if that element can be enabled for translation. Refer to this article for the complete steps for using the translation tool.

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