• Administrators automatically are granted rights to log into the admin portal, the central location for most admin capabilities.
  • On the user portal admins have special rights like editing ideas and approving their own join requests to private groups, projects and events. Admins automatically become owners to documents in projects they are a part of.
  • Network users can do just about anything including uploading files; creating groups, projects, and events; posting ideas and more.
  • Guests users are have full capabilities just like a network user INSIDE their groups, projects, events or files they are invited to. They cannot see anything outside of their specific project, group, or event.
  • Public users can view and potentially download the file they are shared. The link they are emailed can be modified by the sender at any time to remove access to the file or add or remove download capability.
  • Guest users cannot use the MangoApps File Sync capability.
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