Your MangoApps network has administrator (admin) users, network users and guest users

Administrators automatically are granted rights to log into the admin portal, the central location for most admin capabilities. On the user portal admins have special rights like editing ideas and approving their own join requests to private groups, projects and events. Admins automatically become owners to documents in projects they are a part of.

You can have multiple admins managing your MangoApps domain. As an admin, you can promote a network user to an admin. Follow steps to promote a network user to an admin:

  1. As an administrator, click on “Admin” button to go To Admin Portal
  2. Choose the “Users” -> “Manage Users” feature
  3. Add a check to the check box beside the user you want to make an admin.
  4. From the “User Tools” drop-down menu, choose “Make Administrator”.


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