Access Tracking types can be found on the File Details page with the “Tracking” sub-tab enabled as in the image below.

The possible Access Tracking Types and their meanings are:

  • Uploaded – A user has created a new version or edited an existing version and put that version into the MangoApps Document Cloud.
  • Downloaded – A user has retrieved a version of the document from the MangoApps Document Cloud and saved it to their local computer.
  • Viewed – A user has looked at a version of the document in the MangoApps Document Cloud.
  • Restored – An owner or editor has restored a previous version to be the current version.
  • Shared – A user has shared this file.
  • Share Permissions – If files permission has changed for a user
  • Checked In – The file has been uploaded by a user after checking out
  • Checked Out – The file has been downloaded by a user to check out
  • approval workflow – Initiate Document Approval has been activated.
  • Moved – Files which have been moved from one location to another
  • Public Shared – Files which have been shared publicly.


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