List of Log Files

Domain Admins have access to the following logs in the MangoApps Admin Portal UI from under the “Security” module.

  1. Audit Log: Many of the important actions like module enabling/disabling, change of user role, deletion of content etc are captured in this log
  2. Mobile Log: Mobile device type (iPhone,  iPad or Android), device ID and the last access time are captured in this log
  3. Security Log: Security events like change of access location, un-authorized attempt to access a resource and the action taken are captured in this log
  4. User Access Log: User login & logout time along with the platform used to access MangoApps is captured in this log

Security of Log Files:  

For shared cloud customers the above log data is security stored in an encrypted form in AWS RDS. For private cloud customers this log data in addition to being encrypted, it is stored in a private instance of AWS RDS. For on-premise customers this data is securely stored in the customer’s instance of database (on-premise).

Retention Period of Log Files:

The log data in these logs is maintained from the start of your MangoApps service. This ensures you have the required data for any time-period during which you are a MangoApps customer.

Export of Log Files:

These logs files can be exported by the domain admin in CSV or PDF format. At this time a maximum of 1000 records “in the time period” selected can be exported.