This article covers all the ways to use the Media Gallery in MangoApps to find and showcase your pictures, videos, and audio contributed by your domain members.  Each section below starts with a question.  Questions include:

What is the Media Gallery concept?

With Media Gallery, users can see a preview key frame of videos or thumbnail of pictures they are allowed to see. Audio files shown alongside pictures and videos in the same grid denoted by an audio symbol. By seeing all the choices visually all at once, users can quickly recognize which files they want to view or listen to right from the Media Gallery rather than finding them in other locations in MangoApps by using Search or navigating to pages.

How do pictures, video, and audio get added to the Media Gallery?

Pictures, video and audio files get added to the appropriate Media Gallery just by adding them as attachments to feeds and comments or uploading them to teams or folders. Based on the permissions of where the media file is uploaded, it will get added to the domain-wide media gallery or be limited to the teams that it was uploaded to. For example, uploading a media file to a private team will make it accessibly only from that private team’s Media Gallery thus non-members of that private team will not have access to that file in their Media Gallery.

Who can see the contents of any given Media Gallery?

Content privacy and security is maintained by enforcing the permissions set on any given media file with regards to the Media Galleries of users in MangoApps. Media with “Public” permissions settings, whether it be in teams or in the entire domain, will be accessible by anyone in the domain through their Media Gallery. Similarly, “Private” and “Secret” media will be accessible only to those members who have been given explicit permissions to access that media, albeit through their teams or through the privacy settings on the file itself.

How do I find the domain-wide and team Media Galleries?

To look at your domain-wide Media Gallery:

  1. Click “Media Gallery” from the left navigation  bar.

To view a team’s Media Gallery:

  1. Visit the team that has a media gallery.
  2. From the secondary navigation, choose “Media Gallery” icon from the list to show the team’s media files you have access to view or hear.

How do I filter the Media Gallery by Video, Audio and Picture content?

There are two types of filters for the Media Gallery to help you find your content faster.


What actions can you perform on Media uploaded in Media Gallery

a. QuickView – This action opens the media file in MangoApps media file viewer

b. Share – This action allows users to share the media file internally, with user, with team or publically

c. Embed – This action allows you to generate an embed code that can be added to a page, post or wiki

d. Download – This action allows you to download the file on your drive of your system

e. View Feed – Any media item in your media gallery has action to view the news feed it was attached to making it easier for you to see the context it was shared in.

Below is a video that illustrates various actions that can be performed on media files in Media Gallery


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