Where is my task list?

Your task list can be viewed from the “Tasks” module in MangoApps.

There are 3 buckets for tasks which are “Task View”, “Milestone View”, “Project View”.
Each bucket has their own Primary (show) filter, secondary (view) filter, and “sort by” options.

Task View Bucket.

A Central location to view all of your tasks, meaning it’s populating for each individual user.

Your Task View primary filters are “Pending”, “Delegated” and “Completed”. followed by the secondary filters; “All”, “by Type”, “by Priority”, “by Status”, “by Milestones”, and “by Project”. With appropriate sub-filers for each.
Sort options are; Sequence, Due Date, Priority. Second sort options are Ascending or Descending.

Milestone View Bucket.

A central location to view all of your milestone progress.

Your Milestone view filters are the same as the task view bucket, except there is no milestone filter under the secondary filter.
The “gear” option just below Task tools on the right allows you to select different milestones.


Project View Bucket.

Central location to view the health and status from all of your projects at a glance. Domain Admins can view every project’s health and status.

Your Project primary filters are; “My Pinned Projects Only”, “All My Projects”, and for Domain admins only “All Projects”.
Secondary filters are; “All Tasks”, “My Tasks”.
Sort by: “Deadline Date”, “Alphabetically”, and “Ascending or Descending”.


Where are my project teams’ tasks?

You can easily find your project team tasks by visiting the projects they are associated with and using the Task module in the team. Additionally, you can filter that team into your main Tasks module.

To filter your main Tasks module to the team desired.

  1. Under the primary filters pick one of “Pending”, “Delegated” and “Completed”.
  2. click the “show” drop down, choose “Task by Projects”.
  3. Select the Show drop-down and mouse over Tasks by Project.
  4. Mouse over the popout list and select the project you need.

How do I create a task?

Tasks can be created from multiple places.

1. From the left Navigation bar

  • Select “Tasks” and click “Add New Task” from the top left corner

2. From the Team(Group & Project)

  • Select “Tasks” from secondary navigation bar and then click “Task Tools” to select “Add New Task”

3. From the Compose box at the Top

  • Select “Compose” from the Drop-down select “Create a Task”


How do I create and assign a Milestone to a task?

How to Create a new Milestone?

This can be done from the Main Task Module or specific to a team, team Milestones will be displayed in the team calendar.

  1. From the Tasks Module select “Task Tools”
  2. From the drop-down Select “Add a New Milestone”.
  3. The “Create Milestone” Dialog box will appear, fill out the needed fields
  4. “Save and Close” if you’re done or “Save and Continue” to change the Threshold settings.


To assign a milestone to a new task:

  1. When you are creating a new task find the milestone field.
  2. Start typing the milestone you want the look-ahead will populate a list
  3. Select the desired Milestone.

To assign a milestone to an existing task:

  1. From the Task Module with the existing task selected.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Start typing the milestone you want the look-ahead will populate a list
  4. Select the desired Milestone.

A quick Tutorial on Tasks.

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