A familiar concept in MangoApps is the ability to “Like” content that is contributed by others. The questions this article answers will outline the best practices of “Like” in MangoApps and include:

Why should I “Like” something in MangoApps?

Liking a feed or communication in MangoApps gives instant feedback to the contributor that you agree with what they’re saying. Other users can see your “Likes” and decide to do the same or hold out. The popularity of a feed is based on the number of likes that feed gets.

How do I “Like” something, in general?

In general, there is a “Like” link or “Like” button to click related to the type of MangoApps content you’re looking at.
To “Like” a feed, look for the link under the feed or the comment itself.6

Once I “Like” something, can I change my mind and remove my “Like”?

No. “Likes” are permanent unless the original feed or comment is deleted. So choose wisely.

What types of things can I “Like”?

You can “Like”:

  • Feeds & Comments
  • Wikis & Posts
  • Files

How often should I “Like” something?

The best answer is “in a balanced fashion”. Too many “Likes” and it de-emphasises the value of your “Like”. Too few likes and you miss opportunities to draw a little bit more attention to valuable suggestions, topics, or ideas in the form of feeds, wikis, and posts.

How does my MangoApps domain use each person’s “Like” statistically?

The popularity of a feed is directly related to the number of “Likes” it has. When network administrators ask “What are the most popular feeds, wikis, and posts in my domain?” you can bet they are looking at how many liked certain communications and which users liked those communications.

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