By the end of this article you will be an expert on MangoApps ideas in the following topics:

  1. Who’s Ideas can I see?
  2. What is the Idea Box
  3. How do I search for submitted ideas?
  4. How do I submit a new Idea?
  5. What does Idea status mean?
  6. What Can I do to implement an Idea?

Who’s Ideas can I see?

As a domain network user, you can see everyone’s ideas. However, guest users cannot see anyone’s ideas because they are restricted to the groups that they were invited to.

As a network user, it’s encouraged to comment on people’s ideas so that details can get added while the idea is being refined. In this way a small idea can grow into a well-designed process or product breakthrough.

What is the Idea Box

In the Idea Box, you can see:

  • Idea navigation icons on the left side menu.
  • Ideas listed in the center of the page including:
    • Name of the Idea with the Campaign associated
    • Contributor’s name
    • Date Submitted
    • Tags
  • Votes
  • Status

How do I search for submitted ideas?

You can search for submitted ideas by:

  1. Click on the “Ideas” in the left navigation bar
  2. Click “Search” on the top
  3. In the search field, type keywords related to the idea you’re searching for and click “Search”.
  4. Filtered search results will show for “Ideas” and “Idea Campaigns”.

How do I submit a new Idea?

There are two ways to submit a new Idea.

1. Simply click the “Compose” button on the top and then select “Share an Idea”.

2. Navigate on “Ideas” in the left navigation bar and click “Post an Idea” on the top left.


Then fill in a recognizable “Title”, detailed “Description”, and optionally create “Tags” to use as search and categorization for your idea. If you know that your idea is patentable, check that box. Optionally, attach a file.

What does Idea status mean?

The idea lifecycle has status settings that are set by the idea team. Those settings describe the current phase of the idea and include:

  • Queued
  • Acknowledged
  • Under Review
  • Reviewed
  • Deferred
  • Already Offered
  • Implemented
  • Partially Implemented

If you are an Idea admin you can access these settings under the 3 dot manage settings and select “Manage Ideas”.

What can I do to implement an Idea?

Since the idea committee is responsible for changing the settings of ideas that are submitted by MangoApps members, the best way is help implement any idea is to:

  1. Follow up with the idea team members about the status of your idea. You can follow up via direct message, instant message, or face-to-face.
  2. Encourage followers to comment on the idea so that other MangoApps members have a chance to see some comments on your idea.
  3. Have people “Vote” for your idea with a “Yes” or a “No”.
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